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[Cyberpunk] Screenshots #24

Agent Tex


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    • V can be kidnapped by the very same group of scavengers they encountered at the start of the game and lose all their items
    • Panam gets a scar on her hip after the mission "Life during wartime" when she is shot by a stray bullet
    • Judy will drunk text you



bsfzoErW_o.png oLYfsxyZ_o.png o7b2D9T9_o.png epdLpoUL_o.png GmrwdnWn_o.png PC5JnECD_o.png xMjHQ8Yk_o.png biF6VrVW_o.png xc1W80L5_o.png ZIWf0q5z_o.png 2aHUl7C2_o.png ESgZ7QoE_o.png ohDiyLHR_o.png 9fH5edEU_o.png NWac8wDC_o.png SbvjfkcI_o.png u51mBkGo_o.png iiDgjrSG_o.png nsL3fBgY_o.png b46W8bF7_o.png LHCpFwB0_o.png J8L3mSng_o.png Qfq7JzDs_o.png


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