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[Cyberpunk] Screenshots #23

Agent Tex


Cyberpunk 2077 Poll  

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  1. 1. What did the training bot do to earn a bounty?

    • It punched someone?
    • It stole from someone?
    • It fell in love with a human being but got arrested because that is illegal and machines do not have RIGHTS!



p5jqnUFy_o.png EN7naIGl_o.png 6hmL0ZLr_o.png Ljj8jALh_o.png LMzYgx48_o.png fAEXnhCt_o.png 9J6H5a2n_o.png w60Ewa5C_o.png j1iw5LBM_o.png jxn5MIxl_o.png ayCdKDox_o.png zZKnWSzG_o.png xCQXNsBi_o.png 0sv5CjzG_o.png 3MfM9vp9_o.png XZG3I7S9_o.png CopOLu5f_o.png jb547fea_o.png 2VPYCmAc_o.png GJer6SvR_o.png AWDYHKdK_o.png B5XP7ly1_o.png 2JWBK69W_o.png bPNzhC61_o.png


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Did you use the Pan am and Judy follow exploit? :lol: And no I didn't do that quest with the training bot. ;):thumbsup:

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