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CHAPTER 27---Rape-guard



Once you have all arrived in front of the door with bars, the man opens it with another key (surely you will have to be able to get your hands on those keys), as soon as you get inside you see several cells, with several bandits inside, some you recognize, they are the ones who must have been captured during the escape, the man says to the two guards who came down with you "sit at the table and start and see the cuts of the bandits, make sure they are all in order" then the man turned to you says "you come with me "he going towards another door in a corner of the room, then after opening it he starts to go down saying" come on and come down, here are other prisoners! " you go down and find yourself in another room, inside which there are already three other guards, and in the cells there are many women, some of them are naked, others tied or chained to the wall, you suddenly turn to the exit door, but you see that a guard has just closed it, standing in front of it, you push him to try to escape, you know for sure that nothing good is going to happen to you, but you are caught by the man who binds your arms with a pair of handcuffs to a door of a cell, telling you "it's useless for you to try to scream! We built this cell especially to rape you women! no one will hear you scream, I hope you like rough sex !!" so the man lowers the trousers of his uniform, making his hard cock jump out,then he lifts your uniform, and lowers your panties spanking your ass, after that, he forcefully shoves his cock into your pussy, making you arch your back, and then start banging you, at one point the man who is raping you , he says to a guard nearby "hey you! pass me a drink! I'm thirsty!" so the guard passes him a bottle of mead, the man takes a good sip, and then laughing he says "man, you really have a nice ass, I'm almost sorry to leave it so empty! I found! Let's use it as a bottle holder!" so the man presses the bottle into your anus from the bottom, leaving only the neck of the bottle out, spanking you once more, when the man finally comes, with one hand he grabs you by the neck, squeezing you, making you almost difficult to breathe, then he takes his cock out of your vagina, and turning to the other guards he says "I have to recharge! I'll leave it to you for a while!" so he puts on his pants and leaves the room.
After giving you a few seconds to breathe, the three guards surround you, starting to argue about who will rape you first, when then one of them says "why instead of wasting time arguing, let's not fuck her all three together?".
so, one of them opens the handcuffs attached to the door, while the other two grab you and push you to the ground, after which one of them grabs and removes the bottle from your ass, and then immediately afterwards lies down under you, and stick his cock into your vagina, soon after, another guard crushes his cock in your ass, causing you to jump, while the last guard grabs you by the hair and shoves his cock down your throat, the three begin raping you, it had been a long time since you were fucked by more than one person at a time.
The three spend a lot of time raping you, sometimes switching holes, then when finally everyone has cummed at least once in each hole, they get up and let you fall to the ground, exhausted you realize that the exit door has remained ajar, since the man is out of the room, the three now exhausted sit complimenting themselves on their performance, so you, looking for your last bit of strength, sprint in the direction of the door, managing to get out, but hit something, or someone, making you slide to the ground , when suddenly you feel grabbed by the hair and being dragged back into the room, while trying to free yourself you realize that the man from before holding you by the hair, who once back in the room throws you into a cell closing the door , then turns to the three guards, who in the meantime had not noticed anything, and starts yelling at him "you are stupid! luckily I arrived! what if she managed to escape! from whom was the brilliant idea of removing the handcuffs? " the three unload the blame on each other, so the angry man approaches you and from outside the cell tells you "now you stay here for a while, until I decide what to do with you! I'll see you tomorrow morning!" so both the man and the three guards leave the room, locking the door.
You try in every way to open the cell door, but you can't even move it, but tomorrow you must also go back to the leader of the bandits to report, don't you dare imagine what will happen to you if you don't go to him, when suddenly, you feel coming from the another cell a female voice that tells you "it's useless to try to escape, you better calm down, otherwise they'll tie you up too, stop messing around and try to sleep instead!" so you decide to listen to this voice and sit down in a corner of the cell, better think about an escape plan more calmly, so suddenly you think of the bunch of keys that the man keeps with him, somehow you have to be able to get hold of it, so you think all night about how to do it then when morning comes, you see the door open, and you see the three guards enter,that after entering, they lock the door, and then approach your cell and tell you "the general believed the story we told him yesterday, when he didn't see you come back, now we can stay here and have fun as long as we want ", but when another guard tells him" leave her alone for now, let's fuck this one first! " approaching the cell next to yours, opening the door and letting out a woman, who is immediately pushed to the wall, handcuffed and then thrown to the ground, where a guard sticks a whole hand up her vagina, starting to masturbate her, making her scream, you recognize the woman's voice, it's the same one that spoke to you last night.


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