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The man, inside



blog-0452567001427442039.jpgThe man, inside




Finally the day had come. The man of her dreams had come and swept her of her feet. Fastred held on to him tight as he carried her back to Ivarstead. Her heart was still going like mad. She had always been interested in Klimmek, but he had seemed so distant. When he wasn't up the mountain, delivering food to the Greybeards, he spent most of his time fishing. It felt to her like he was avoiding her of late, but that feeling had completely gone.


There was a sickening taste of blood in her mouth. She was covered in blood, so was Klimmek... Such a brute, her brute... When he killed those bandits he roared like a man possessed. A savage roar made her heart pound even more when she thought of it. She wanted him. She wanted him to ravage her. "By Mara, please take me." she whispered under her breath.


Klimmek looked down and kissed Fastred on the crown. "You are save now. We are in honored company Fastred. This stranger from yesterday is Dragonborn." He said. Fastred felt a sting in her heart. Had Klimmek fallen for this woman? He spoke with such reverence in his voice... "No...", she thought to herself, "He is mine! Please let him be mine... Please."

Fastred took a while to work up the courage to ask Klimmek to stay with her, but before she could do so Klimmek and the horrible dragon-woman stopped walking.


The horrible dragon-woman turned to Klimmek and told him to take good care of Fastred tonight. To Fastred's delight he promptly nodded yes. "Right, now I don't know you two, but by the looks of things you both have some things to work out... Will you both do me just one favor?" The woman asked and added; "Please, for all that is holy, get over something as stupid as doubt and tell each other you are in love already... My fiancée took years building up his courage... Mind you, I wanted him to be determined..."


"You are right Dragonborn, I have been a fool these past years." Klimmek said. Fastred's heart was now leaping buildings in single bounds. Klimmek gently put Fastred on her feet and kneeled before her.

"Fastred, please forgive me. I have been in love with you for as long as I have known you. If not for our friend here I could have lost you today, but she spoke to me of courage... The courage of man... The man who stands. Now I kneel before you. Fastred, Will you be mine? Will you marry me?"


Her heart spilled... She threw herself onto him and kissed him passionately... Finally!


Klimmek wrestled her back into his grasp and lifted her up again. They resumed their heading and soon Ivarstead could be seen through the trees. Fastred's heart was still racing. Tonight she was going to be his. Tonight was the night she had fantasized about for so long. It would be her first time with a man and what a man he was... He was the one who made the most trips up and down the mountain, the seven thousand steps, and he did it on a fairly regular basis. He helped her parents through the year on the farm when he wasn't out fishing. Then he could push the grinding-wheel for a good portion of the day before resting.


Fastred was already getting moist just thinking about how he would have his way with her. She would let him, she was his now...




When the wonderful dragon-woman said her goodnight and went with Boti for the night, Fastred's breath stocked for a moment. Klimmek was looking her straight in the eye... "Fastred, before we go home I wanted to ask you something. Do you have any fantasies that you yearn to have fulfilled?"

Fastred took a deep breath and whispered; "I've wanted you to just grab me and take me, hard... Those men... when they held me down I desperately tried to fight them, but I couldn't escape. I started imagining that you were the one that was about to make me a woman and that sort of made me feel better... I must sound confused to you, but I want you to force yourself upon me."


Klimmek looked surprised for a moment and then put Fastred on her feet. For a moment her heart sank, she feared her fantasy had rattled him a bit too much. She was surprised when he picked her up and carried her over his shoulder like a bag of goods. She knew the night would be long and that her rescue would not come... A droplet rolled down her inner thigh... Fastred struggled meekly. "Put me down you brute, or I will scream!" she said, her voice completely devoid of urgency. Klimmek's response was swift and sharp; "Where we are going, wench, no-one will hear you scream."




The door to his house swung open and Klimmek put her down. He grabbed her hands and raised them above her head, holding them with one arm. Forcibly he led her around while he gathered a length of rope. Klimmek forced her against the wall and she feigned her role as the struggling victim. His free hand roamed her body as her undid the fasteners on her clothing. Her skirt dropped to the floor, followed swiftly by her tunic and her shirt. He bound her hands like he used to tie big fish together. He made a big loop to hold on to and kept them raised above her head. For a while they just stood there while he played with her labia. She was soaking wet and he made her taste herself on his big, manly fingers.


He reached down again and started stroking her. His finger rubbed her ever faster and she built up to orgasm in no time at all. He didn't stop when she gasped, choosing instead to quicken his pace even more. Her entire body arced backward, pressing her already massaged pussy further against Klimmek's hand. Her orgasm had been continuous until Klimmek put his soaked fingers in her mouth again. It was clear that he would not have to go in dry...


When he moved her over to the bed and pushed her down on it she tried to cover herself up, but with her hands bound together this proved to be an exorcise in futility. Klimmek removed his shirt and threw it on the discarded clothes pile. He bent down, grabbed her by a good handful of her hair and by her hands and pulled her up to a seated position. It hurt her, but it was a sweet pain. "Take it out, wench" He commanded. Fastred promptly unclasped his buckle and opened his pants, revealing his member. He wasn't fully erect, but his flaccid length was already enough to hold with two hands. He was definitely a show-er.


Gingerly she put her hands on his member. He was still holding her by her hair and pulled her closer. "Don't act like you don't know what to do next, wench." Klimmek barked. Fastred started licking him along his shaft. When she finally took his glans into her mouth he surprised her by forcing himself much deeper into her than she had expected. She gagged and he pulled back, but before she had fully recovered he forced himself in again. This time she gagged heavily and when he released her a bit wad of saliva dripped from her mouth onto her chest. Klimmek wiped it off her and rubbed it on his cock. "There, nice and lubricated." He scoffed.


He pushed her on her back with her hands above her head and lined up to her entrance. Klimmek put his hand over her mouth and thrust his hips forward. Fastred screamed into his palm as Klimmek's penis rubbed over her mound. He had scared her surprisingly well... The actual act of penetration was much more gentle. As she opened up and he tore into her, Fastred yelped quietly. This was her man and right now she was his little bitch. All tied up and ready to get ravaged...


Before he bottomed out, Klimmek pulled back and started making long strokes into her. Fastred screamed into his palm every time he bottomed out and rubbed his glans against her cervix. Once she stopped screaming too much, Klimmek lifted up her left leg and started thrusting faster, harder and deeper while using her using her leg as leverage. Fastred had resigned herself to this world of hurt and pleasure. Even while fucking her, Klimmek renewed his assault on her clit. Rubbing it caused Fastred to once again arc her body, but she couldn't escape. She tried desperately to grab the offending hand, tears streaming from her eyes, but Klimmek swiftly pulled her up to a standing position, leaned her on the wall and looped her bound arms over his head.


With every thrust she nearly lost her footing, standing only on one leg. In mere moments she started a series of rolling orgasms that followed every thrust for a few seconds. Such pleasure washed over her that she grew incoherent at best.


When Klimmek let her down she was spent, her mind was blank and her world was a haze. So there she lay, on his bed, on her back... Klimmek kissed her passionately and brought her back to her senses. She could feel him pumping his powerful hips again and she felt him tense up and about to cum. He lifted her up again and pulled out, then he put his cock to her mouth and she immediately took his glans in her mouth. For a moment he stood there, stroking his cock. With a slight twitch of his member he shot his load into her mouth, it tasted salty, but Fastred loved it. When his first load was spent, Fastred looked up with Klimmek's cock still in her mouth. The sight of her like this made him smile.


The night was still young...




Disclaimer (thanks to thebookdesigner.com ;) ):

This is a work of (pure adult) fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.




Next time, on Fax Keizaal: The tale of a man, a woman and a big orc...


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