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Chapter Twenty-eight From Bunker Hill to Goodneighbor



“I’ll give you seventy-five caps to fuck you in the ass,” said the caravan guard, sliding into the seat next to Nora’s at the bar.


Her people were already asleep in the room they were sharing, but Nora had been restless. She had taken a room by herself, since three in one of the smallish beds was extremely uncomfortable. They were almost out of money, and Nora had already been thinking about doing a little whoring at Bunker Hill.


“The going price is a hundred and fifty caps for my pussy, seventy-five for my mouth,” she told the guard with a smile. “I don’t really like it up the ass, but I might be convinced for the right price.”


“One seventy-five?”


“That would do it,” said Nora after a moment's thought.



“How much to take me and my two buddies on at the same time?”

Nora thought for a moment. “Four hundred and fifty would do it.”


“No group discount?”


Nora consciously released some pheromones to ramp up the man’s desire. “Since I don’t know where you’re going to stick it, or where you’re going to Cum, there is no discount.”


“Okay,” said the man, his eyes glazed with lust. “Four fifty it is.”


“And you only get to cum in me once each,” she cautioned. “I’m not quoting the price for an all nighter. So plan on an hour, get off, and go to bed.”


“Okay, okay. So. Meet you in your room?”


“Sure.” Now Nora thought that was going to be a tight fit, but doable. She wanted those caps, and an hour of discomfort would allow them to buy purified water for the road, always a necessity when she didn’t have a settlement and a QESS available.


“Knock knock,” said the man after Nora had gotten out of her clothes and laid out on the bed. She had some lubricant waiting  on the table beside the bed. She might agree to anal, but she wasn’t about to let someone stick something up her ass dry.


“Come in,” she said with a sultry voice.


“My god, she’s beautiful,” said the shortest of the trio, a man she hadn’t met. “And I can smell that wet pussy. Delightful.”


“Well, you can have the pussy, Matt” said the man who had brokered the deal, Tom. “I want that sweet ass. And you can start out with her mouth, Jerry,” he told the black man who was the third.


“Works for me,” said the man in a rumbling basso.


“Lay your caps on the table before we get started,” she told them, watching as the three piles of caps grew quickly on the tabletop. “Remember, one cum each, then you’re through. If you want another nut we renegotiate.”


No one protested, so Nora thought they had made a deal. She slathered lubricant on Tom’s cock, getting him hard with her hand.


“You’re very good at that,” said Tom. “But remember. I want to cum up that ass.”


Nora smiled at him, then mounted him, grunting as the large cock invaded her anal tunnel. It didn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable, and she realized that anal was not going to be a go to technique for her. She moved up and down a couple of times, letting the man feel her anal canal, then motioned for Matt to mount her from the front. The average sized cock went into her pussy and the man whistled.


“I’ve never felt a pussy like this. What do you do to stay so tight and wet?”


“I fuck a lot,” she said, smiling at the man, then letting him thrust in a couple of times. Tom joined in, and she had two men thrusting inside her, getting into a rhythm. Jerry presented the biggest cock of the bunch, and she started licking the head, then running her tongue up and down his shaft.


“You got us a good one, Tom. Not like that tired old whore who works the trade center.”


Nora started getting into the airtight. Three cocks, all being serviced to the best of her ability, which was particularly good indeed. The cocks were going in and out of her lower orifices, and she started to pull Jerry deep into her mouth.


“This pussy is so damned good.”


“The ass is pretty damned special too.”


“I never had a bitch who could deep throat like this.”


Nora let herself go, feeling the tingling that was starting in her clit, then centering in her toes to move up the body. She started moaning, then shaking as the orgasm came over her.


“The bitch is Cumming,” said Matt. “Damn, but that hot pussy is clenching around my cock. I’m not going to be able to hold on. Shit, I’m Cumming.”


One down, thought Nora, as she felt the cock swell to spurt warm juice into her womb. And she had gotten an orgasm out of it as well.


The cock in her throat started to expand, and Jerry started sending his salty load into her stomach. A minute later Tom was grunting over and over again as his dick sent semen up into her bowels.


“Damn, that was good,” said Jerry, high fiving Matt. “You got us a good one, Tom.”


“Yep. Now everyone switch up so we can try her other holes.”


“Wait a minute,” protested Nora loudly. “I said one cum apiece. If you want to cum in me again its four hundred and fifty caps.”


“Listen to this little whore,” said Matt with a laugh, lightly smacking Nora across the face. “We’re here to fuck, bitch. And you’re going to keep putting out until we’re done. Understand?”


The man raised his hand to strike Nora again, this time with a flexed arm that indicated this one was going to be hard. And Nora sent a hard palm strike into his face that broke his nose and rocked his head back.


“Cunt,” yelled Tom, swinging a fist in to strike Nora over the eye. She blocked the next one, then lifted Jerry off her and threw him into the wall. Tom was then the recipient of a flurry of quick punches that knocked him bleeding to the floor.


“I’m gonna kill her,” yelled Jerry, reaching for his belt and the knife that was sheathed there. “You’re dead, bitch.”


Nora smacked the blade out of his hand, then sent a flurry of punches into his chest, knocking the man into the wall.


“What’s going on in there?” yelled out Tony Salvoldi, Joe’s son and the one who ran the flophouse built over the bar.


Barb and Heather were now awake as well, shouting their own questions. Nora shoved Tom into the wall and was out the door, jumping down from the second story and turning to watch the two men still conscious come boiling out, Tom with a gun in hand.


“Drop that gun, Tom,” yelled Kessler, shotgun in hand and pointing in his general direction. “Now someone please tell me what happened.”


“We paid this whore to fuck and she tried to cheat us.”


“That doesn’t sound like Nora,” said Heather. “She’s the most honest person I know, Kessler. Sure, she whores. A lot of people do. But she delivers and her customers get what they pay for.”


“They paid to cum in me once,” said Nora, pointing to the semen dripping from her lower orifices. “They did, as you can see. When I told them they were done they started to threaten me and hit me. Said they were going to fuck me until they were done.”


Kessler glared at the three men, who seemed to want to melt into the Earth. “Stealing sex from a working girl on Bunker Hill property is rape. And you know the penalty for rape.”


“But, she beat the hell out of us,” complained Jerry, hushing when Tom shot him a look.


Well, they were big strapping men, and she was a thin woman. So admitting that she beat them in hand to hand was not something they wanted to pursue. “I’ll drop any charges, once I’ve verified that my caps are still on the table,” said Nora.


“Good enough. Now you men go back to wherever you are sleeping for the night and leave the lady alone. I think she’s done with you. So get your clothes and go. And leave her caps.”


After the men had left Nora went up to the room and threw on her nano-armor, belting on her pistol. She counted the caps, satisfied that they were all there, then came back out.


“I’d like to talk with you,” said Kessler. “Please follow me to my house.”


“I hope I’m not in trouble.”


“Well, not with me. Now come on in.”


Nora sat, Kessler taking the chair facing hers. “I never took you for the type to whore. Not that there’s anything wrong with it,” said the older woman hastily, raising a hand. “After you took down Zeller, I thought you were the mercenary shoot them up type. Then when I found out you were with the Minutemen.”


“So you don’t approve of whoring?”


“Not at all. I did a little of it to make ends meet when I still had the face and body that men desired. And you have to be one of the most desirable women to stop by here in quite a while. Heather vouches for you, so you’re right with me. But if you want my advice, take them to your room one at a time, for an agreed upon time. If they get off in that time, say a half an hour, then they have nothing to complain about.”


“I’ll have no problem getting them off in that time. Probably in less than fifteen minutes.”


“Well, do that and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Though I would avoid Tom and his people. I’d hate to see you have to kill them. They might be assholes, but they perform a service with the caravans.”


“The deal to join the Minutemen is still on the table,” said Nora with a smile.


“Tempting, but no. I’ve heard about the Trade Center you built on the Finch place. That’s going to cut into our bottom line, you know.”

“I’m not trying to hurt Bunker Hill,” said Nora, sighing. “We needed a place to link the settlements in the northeast of the Commonwealth, and Finch seemed like the perfect place. If you join us I will make sure you are linked in as well.”


“The problem is,” said Kessler, shaking her head, “is that you have pissed off a lot of people we have deals with.”


“Raiders? Give us time and they won’t be a problem anymore.”


“But right now they still are a problem. And if we are seen as aligning ourselves with you they will start jacking our caravans again.”


“I think you’re making a mistake, Kessler,” said Nora, looking into the woman’s eyes and seeing them widen. “The Minutemen aren’t going to do anything to you. We believe in Capitalism and Free Enterprise, after all. And we need you and your products. Our patrols will do everything they can to protect the caravans out of here. We don’t have enough out there yet to cover everything, but we’ll get there.”


“I believe you. Trouble is, I’m an elected official, and I can’t go against my constituents. Maybe if you win some more of them over.”


had been hoping to win Old Man Stockton, the most powerful of the caravan owners, with some more sex. But he hadn’t been in Bunker Hill. Word was he had some family problems, something to do with his daughter coming up missing after one of his caravans had been hit. That might be an in, if she could find him to talk to. Or she could just hope he was back in residence the next time she was through here.


“So, where to next?”


“I’m going to Goodneighbor tomorrow. See what it is about.”


“I hope your not counting on Hancock to join you. He enjoys having his own little kingdom under his thumb.”


“Nope. I’m hoping to find a long-range shooter there.”


“You are such a contrast Nora Jane Adams,” said Kessler, sighing again. “Warrior, businesswoman and whore. So unlike the warriors I’ve met, someone who actually thinks. And willing to act, unlike most of the cautious business owners. And don’t even get me started on the working girls. Most don’t have a brain in their heads. I personally think you take too many chances, but it’s your life, and I have to admit that you are accomplishing great things. Now, I need to get to bed.”


*     *     *


There was a Raider gang controlling the bridge that was on the most direct route from the Hill to Goodneighbor. It was unfortunate for them that they chose to contest the passage of Nora and her party. She would have thought that seeing some high end power armor along with a pair of well armed companions coming at them would have let them know this was not a good morning to try and stop passage. Raiders didn’t think that way. They attacked at any time, for any reason or none. They fired on Nora, and the grenades she had sent their way in return blasted their barricade and the people manning it straight to hell. They ran into one more band on the way, and another section of old Boston was Raider free.


“Well, I guess this is the place,” said Nora as they followed the signs and stopped before the iron door penetrating the ragged but sturdy fence.


“It’s kind of rough,” said Barb, looking over at Nora. “But as long as we don’t get on Hancock’s bad side we should be fine.”


Nora was anxious to meet the redoubtable Hancock, the mayor of Goodneighbor and a ghoul. Said to have once been a resident of Diamond City before McDonough had ejected all of his kind. “Well, let’s get to it,” said Nora, reaching a gauntleted hand to pull open the door.


And here comes the welcoming committee, thought Nora as a big man walked toward them. Not very bright to approach a woman in X-01 power armor.


“Haven’t seen you ladies around here,” said the man in an aggressive tone. He stared up at the helmeted face of the power armor. “And you I have no idea about.”


Nora didn’t think she was going to have a problem with this guy, though the power armor needed work. The left arm wasn’t working at all, and both of the legs had weakened armor plates. She walked it over to the side and ejected from it.


“Another beautiful lady,” said the man. “Beautiful ladies need protection. So many bad things can happen. You need insurance, and I just happen to offer it.”


“You better back off,” growled Nora, hand to her pistol butt. “Or you’re the one who’s going to need insurance.”


“Okay, okay,” said the tough, who proved to be a coward after all. He held up his hands and backed off. “We’ll just say that your insurance is paid up.”


“What did I tell you about shaking down new arrivals, Finn,” said a tall ghoul, wearing of all things a colonial outfit with tricorn hat.


“They ain’t one of us, Hancock. You going to let strangers walk all over us.”


“Hey, this is me here,” said Hancock, opening his arms as if her was going to give Finn a hug, closing with the man. Nora saw what Finn didn’t, the hand of the ghoul reaching for a knife hilt protruding from a sheath behind the mayor’s back. With a quick pull the knife was in his hand, going into Finn’s stomach with a couple of quick thrusts. Finn doubled over and fell to the ground, to lay unmoving as he bled out.


“Welcome to Goodneighbor, ladies.”


“I really didn’t need you to do that,” said Nora, looking down at the body. “I could have handled him myself.”


“But we don’t like shooting in Goodneighbor. Too many chances of bystanders, innocent or otherwise, catching a stray bullet.”


“Goodneighbor,” said Nora, remembering this neighborhood as Scollay Square from her time, with its luxury hotels and apartments, its high-end shops. “That’s what you call this place?”


“That’s right. And everyone is welcome, as long as they play nice.”


Nora should have been shocked, seeing the chief official of a town knife a citizen to death in front of her. This world was getting to her though. Death was so common, what was another one.


“Where’s the best place to meet people?”


“You aren’t a working girl, are you? Of course you aren’t, with that walking fortress and armor and weapons that must have cost more than most of my citizens make in a year. Still, check out the Third Rail. And if you’re here to shop, go see my girl Daisy at the Discount Store. Now, I’ll leave you to it. And remember, no shooting.”


“Not everyday I walk into a place to be greeted by a murder,” said Heather.


Nora walked straight ahead to the shop with the sign that said Kill or Be Killed. An assaultron stood behind the counter, watching them intently. A couple of whores stood in front of the shop, dressed in slutty clothing that revealed more than it covered. It was like the prostitutes in Diamond City had been cloned or transplanted here.


“And what are you supposed to be?” asked Nora of the robot.


“I’m a woman, baby.”


“Of course you are. A very womanly robot.”


"I came to the conclusion of why serve the man when you can work for yourself. Designation K L E O. Kleo. Independent small business owner. And everything I sell was tested on the customers I didn’t like.”


Nora laughed. She could tell that she was in no danger here, and was beginning to like this robot. “Let me see what you have.”


Nora bought a small .38 auto that she could carry when she was wearing her one slutty outfit, then moved over to the discount store next door, to be greeted by an old ghoul who gave her a smile.


“What kind of selection do you have?” she asked Daisy, the proprietor.


“Some of it is on display, though most is in storage and can be browsed on this terminal.”


“What’s it like being a ghoul?” Nora asked, wondering what had compelled her to do so.


“It’s worse with all the questions. But it’s let me live for two hundred years.”


“You’re two hundred years old?”


“Okay. More like two hundred and seventy, give or take a decade. You can’t imagine.”


“I think I can,” said Nora with a smile.


“And now you’re just pulling my leg,” said Daisy. “Okay. If you know what the world was like two hundred years ago, why don’t you tell me.”


“It was a beautiful world, so calm and prosperous. We thought it would last forever, but we were fooling ourselves, and the world we lived in was doomed. When I saw the bomb detonate to the south of my home in Sanctuary Hills, the entire world ended.”


“Well, I don’t know if you’re the second biggest bullshitter in the Commonwealth or not, but you sounded like you meant it.”


“It’s true. Every word. Give me an hour of your time and I’ll tell you my story. Another hour and I’ll listen to yours.”


“You might want to look up the old ghoul at the Hotel Rexford,” said Daisy. “I believe he was from your old neighborhood. Now, do you want to trade.”


“I represent an alliance of settlements out in the Commonwealth,” said Nora, getting to the point. “I want to set up a distribution contract with you that will be of mutual benefit to both of us.”


“Wow. You are the most interesting person to walk through my door in quite some time. And from the look of you, you’re a fighter. So, can I talk you into taking on a mission for me. It pays.”


“And just what is it.”


“The Boston Library, the same one I used to live in as a little girl, is now the home of Supermutants. The idea of those big idiots controlling that repository of knowledge burns me up.”


“How much are you willing to pay?”


“A hundred caps?”

Nora laughed. There were probably mercenaries who would take that contract at that price, and die. “I need more than that to face a bunch of mutants. There’s ammunition, medical bills.”


After a bit of negotiating Daisy promised four hundred caps, as long as Nora returned a book that was two hundred years overdue. And Nora, now broke once again, was the owner of a luxury condo down the street. That was okay. She knew how to make money, and she carried her most valuable commodity on her person at all times.


The condo was luxurious, well worth the nine hundred caps. Probably a lot more. The former owner had left work benches and various commodities behind. While not large enough to make into a mini settlement like Home Plate, it was big enough to host a dozen or more people, perfect for the Minutemen. After that she decided to check out the Third Rail.


*     *     *


It was almost eight when Nora and company walked into the Third Rail. Nora needed caps, so she dressed for the part of someone who would do most anything for money. Stockings and tennis shoes, a pair of crotchless cutoffs that showed her labia to best advantage, and a short t-shirt that partially exposed her nipples. She felt slutty, and was sure to catch the eye of any man out for a good time. There would be plenty of other sluts out this night, but none of them had her hormonal advantages.


“Well, no one is going to mistake your intent tonight,” said Heather with a slight frown.


“Good. The sooner I get some man meat in me and some caps in my pocket, the better. You could always join in if you want. I think my pheromones are going to arouse everyone in the room, so you could take advantage of them.”


Heather simply shook her head and patted the pistol by her side. “You might need some bodyguards tonight,” said the woman. “The Third Rail can get rough, from what I’ve heard.”


“And Hancock said no shooting in his town,” she cautioned her follower.


“And if no one pulls a gun on you, there won’t be. But you are without armor, and only that small handgun in your purse.”


Nora could feel the eyes on her as soon as she walked out of her condo, clicking the door locked behind her. Heather and Barb both had keys, so they could go back when they wanted. She planned to be out until the wee hours of the morning herself, and didn’t know how things would go.


There was a man with a submachinegun standing at the entrance to the club, which consisted of a standard metal door. Inside there were bathrooms to the right, what once had been men and women’s room. From her glimpse of them they were in severe disrepair, and she wasn’t sure she would want to plant her ass on one of the filthy seats. A woman in low slung shorts and a breast revealing shirt stood to the side, glaring at Nora.


“If you work the club there’s a twenty percent tax,” said the ghoul in a three-piece suit who was apparently the doorman/bouncer. “Pay me when you leave. And there is a working bathroom downstairs.”


Nora thanked him and walked down the stairs. It all seemed on the up and up. If they charged a tax then they knew the score, and were willing to let women work their trade within the club. She heard the singing before she took the turn in the stairs going down. A heavenly voice singing a song she had never heard. Catchy, captivating, the work of an artist.


The main room was filled with the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, though Nora’s sensitive nose could pick out the odor of cannabis as well. She estimated thirty small tables, most with all seats occupied. The stage with the singer was to the left of the bar, another larger platform to the right, just in front of the derailed subway car that stuck its nose into the room. The larger platform had a stripper pole. There were two pool tables to the side, one with a couple of men in dirty suits playing a game, the other with a prostitute on top getting the shit fucked out of her by a large man while two others stood in line. Two working girls stood against the wall, staring at the newcomer, while the sounds of sex, slurping mouths and slapping groins, came out of several curtained alcoves. It looked like a standard place in the Commonwealth, made to separate working men from their hard-earned caps by whatever means the proprietor could come up with.


“Would you like a drink, Guv?” asked a Mr. Handy with a bowler hat and a stenciled Union Jack on his shell, his cockney accent thick.


“Quite the place you have here,” she said. “Who owns this place?”


“That would be Hancock. As in the mayor.”


“And the singer?”


“Miss Magnolia. The belle of the Third Rail. And anything else you want to know about her you can get from the lady.”


“And if I want to entertain a gentleman?”

“You can use the alcoves, unless you want to perform in public, in which case you can use a tabletop, a couch, or the second pool table, like Mary there.”




“Look, sweety. I’m not a newsbot. I’m here to sell drinks. Now are you in?”


“Any news around town?”


“Yeah. Word is there’s a stranger in town who doesn’t realize that I’m a bartender.”


“Give me a whiskey?”


The whisky was rough and strong, like most of the rotgut distilled in the Commonwealth. Still, it settled the butterflies.


“Anyone ever use the stripper stage?”


“It’s open whenever Ms. Magnolia takes a break. Sometimes a girl, or a man, will get up there and take it off. And before you ask, no one knows what the damned pole is for.”


Nora knew, and thought that on the singer’s next break she would give a demonstration sure to get every dick in the place hard and ready for action.


“Send a drink to Magnolia, with my compliments,” she told the robot, counting the caps out on the counter. And that’s the last of my money, she thought regretfully, though she was sure more would soon be pouring in. “And when she takes a break I would like some music for the stripper stage.”


“You got it, Guv.”


Nora took a seat at the bar and sipped her drink, Heather and Barb to either side of her, watching in rapt attention as the singer went through her routine. The woman was gorgeous, with raven hair and blue eyes much like Nora’s. A tight-fitting red dress enclosed a curvy body that moved through a slow dance as she sung. The woman did two more numbers, then got off the stage. The Handy, Charlie, delivered the drink Nora had bought, pointing the buyer out to Magnolia. Some sultry music, a stripping number if she had ever heard one, started up, and the robot motioned her to the stripper stage.


Nora bounded onto the stage and started to dance. The people here had probably seen much like this before, though she was about to blow their minds. She raised a leg into the air, balancing on the other one and turning slowly, letting everyone see what she had. After a couple of minutes of dancing and display she jumped onto the pole and started to spin around it, going from top to bottom and back again, displaying her athletic ability among other things. Every eye in the place was on her, including Magnolia’s, and as she began to sweat the scent of her pheromones filled the air around her.


Well, every girl here that wants it is going to get more action, she thought, as she glanced at the men getting to their feet and approaching the ladies. Her performance would be good for all the working girls. The room erupted into applause and cheering as she dismounted, and horny men crowded around the stage as she walked to the edge.


“How much?” asked one of the men, a rough looking guy who could have just come out of a Raider camp.


“One hundred for the pussy. Fifty for my mouth.” Nora decide to go a bit light, but was still determined to charge more than the common girl, who she understood were charge seventy for a fuck. With twenty percent going to the club, she would still bring in eighty caps for a pussy fuck.


“How much for your ass?” asked another man.


“Four hundred caps, firm.”


“Why so much?” asked the clearly disappointed man.


“I really don’t like it up the ass. I think my pussy is much better for me and my partner. So there you have it. Take it or leave it.”


There were enough who wanted to take her vaginally, and within moments she was stripped naked and laying back on the pool table, a man with a normal sized dick positioning himself between her legs. She was already gushing, and she pulled the man into her, then let him set his own rhythm.


“I’ve never felt anything like this pussy,” said the man, giving her the best word of mouth advertising she could get. “My God, but she feels so good.”


Nora alternated between trying to get her men off quickly and trying to give them a good bit of pleasure to remember her by. Ten minutes was the minimum, fifteen the max. One lasted as long as twenty, a few came as fast as five minutes inside of her.


“My God. She really came,” said one of the men just before he spurted his seed into her.


“Oh, she’s just good at faking it, Marty,” said another.


“Bullshit. I can tell when a woman is Cumming. And the way that snapper was milking my cock couldn’t be faked.”


Heather and Barb watched for an hour, then led a pair of men off to one of the curtained alcoves, the only one still empty. Nora kept taking them on, stopping every once in a while to sponge out her vagina with a rag, tossing it into a corner for the bartender to dispose of later.


“When do you close?” she asked Charlie as she gulped down a drink on a break. Magnolia was singing in the background, and excited men who hadn’t had their chance at her were talking in the background.


“We don’t close, Guv. I’m on duty twenty-four/seven. Just go on as long as you want, then call it quits. The bouncer will make sure they behave.”


Fortunately there had been no ghouls lining up to use her. It seemed an unwritten rule that smooth skins not get blasted with radioactive seed. She had expected some trying to cheat their way in, but the normal humans made sure that didn’t happen.


Nora lost count of the men who came in her that night, though she tracked fourteen orgasms of her own. That was giving her Johns a special treat. Men liked to feel a woman orgasming while they were inside her pussy. She wasn’t doing that for all of them, but for enough that word would spread.


I’m done, guys,” she finally said, barely able to keep her eyes open.


“Will you be back tomorrow?” asked one of the men she remembered fucking her near the beginning of her run.


“Might be,” she told the man. She didn’t want to promise anything she couldn’t deliver, after all.


Nora sat at the bar sipping another drink, her nerves tingling with pleasure. Heather and Barb joined her, the flush and smiles of the well fucked on both their faces.


“How much?” asked Heather.


“Two thousand caps,” said Nora, almost breathless. “That gives us sixteen hundred after we pay the bar. How much did you two make?”


“Seven hundred each,” said a smiling Barb. “I think we’re set for a little while. And I’m going to be sore tomorrow.”


Nora did the math in her head. The two had made eleven hundred and twenty caps, giving them a grand total of over twenty-seven hundred caps.


“Can I have a seat next to your boss?” asked a female voice, and Nora turned to see Magnolia standing next to Barb.


“Yes, ma’am,” said Barb, getting out of the seat and letting the singer have it.


“You were very impressive,” said Magnolia, flashing a wide smile. “In everything you did. Your dancing, your pole work, and the way you took on so many men and sent them all away satisfied. I’m not sure how you did it, but I’m envious.”


“You ever engage in, uh..”

“Whoring. Oh yes. Though I really don’t like men. I’m an old-time dyke through and through. I prefer women. And I have to ask. I heard you singing along with a couple of my songs while you were having the shit fucked out of you. Ever think of getting up on stage? I would love to do a duet with you.”


“I would like that,” said Nora, looking into the beautiful eyes of the woman. “And to answer your unasked question, yes, I am into women as well. I prefer men, but the soft touch of a woman is always welcome.”


“Then perhaps we should repair to my room at the Rexford,” said Magnolia. “Unless you’re too worn out.”


“I am tired. But never too tired to turn down a lady such as yourself.”


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