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CHAPTER 24- Something inside me!



As you approach the huts, the boss says to the driver "this time we risked it , we are alive by a miracle, I wonder how many of us have reached the hut", once we reach the huts, another man joins you followed by two women tied to a leash, the man greets the boss and says "I heard about the attack on the other hiding place, I'm happy to see you are alive".
the man then approaches you and says, turning to the boss "I see that this time you were lucky enough to find a beautiful woman, the last one you gave to the wolves right?"
so the boss gets off the wagon and takes another leash from the man, who, after having forced you to get off the wagon, ties the leash around your neck, then the two men start walking towards the upper part of the village, where you see a large hut, because of the leash you are forced to follow them, as you walk, you try to talk to the two women on the other man's leash, but the two of them seem as if under the influence of some drug, their eyes are misted up, and they seem to not even hear the your voice.
Arrived in front of the big hut, the man says to the boss "on the right I made you prepare a room, while the rest of your men arrive, you can rest there, so you and the boss enter a room, the boss ties the leash to a pole of the hut, and approaching you, he says "here I have to tie you somewhere, the door has no key, it would be a shame if you ran away from me right now, now come here, that I need to relax a little nerves "so the boss grabs you by the hair and after having lowered his pants he puts his cock in your mouth, forcing you to give him a blowjob,
after a short time, another arrives in the boss's room, entering the man says "hey! some men of your gang have just arrived, better if you go to them" so, the boss, a little annoyed, lets go of your head, and putting on his pants he leaves the room, leaving you tied up inside.
after a few minutes to catch your breath, you try to sit down, so you drag yourself next to the wall and sit back against the wall, in the room you are alone, but from outside you hear a lot of people coming and going, all this lasts for a few hours, until you see the boss coming back into the room, untiing one end of the leash and starting to pull you, you get up and start following him, you are led into a hut in the center of the village, then two men grab you by the arms and push you on a table, then in front of you you see a man holding a red-hot iron in his hand, similar to the one used to mark cattle, you can imagine what is going to happen to you, so you try to struggle to escape, but two other men intervene by immobilizing you and one of them completely rip off your dress, then you see the man with the iron in his hand that moves behind you, suddenly you feel a very strong pain in a buttock, the man has really marked you as if you were cattle!
After that, a man in a long deerskin cloak approaches you and says to a man behind him "make her open her mouth" so the man approaches you and grabs your jaw with his hand, then starts pulling, forcing you to open your mouth, then the man with the cloak come next to you and, pushes something down to your throat, and then pours some water inn , forcing you to swallow, so you swallow it all.
Once the man in the cloak gives permission, the men put the leash back around your neck and give you back to the boss, so he picks you up and takes you back to his hut, tying the leash to the usual pole, then pushing you to the ground , as you fall, your head begins to spin, you no longer understand what is happening to your body, you begin to see everything clouded up, until after a while your eyes close and you pass out.


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