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All praises to https://www.loverslab.com/topic/118460-skyrim-se-for-beginners-v-305-3bbb-hdt-smp-hph/#comments .


This blog will begin as a place to track ongoing issues with my SSE build. Hopefully, the build will become stable enough to then write some narrative. But we'll see. But, in the meantime, I hope to make notes that might help others trying to get a stable build. An incredible outcome would be a fork of Aylis' build that others could use for reference. I don't know I'll ever get it that stable, though.


My build differs from Aylis' in some key ways


  • I changed to Cathedral Weather, as it chews up far less of my CPU than Obsidian.
  • I like lots and lots and lots of NPCs and followers.
  • I don't have any of the creature or non consensual LL stuff installed.
  • I don't have either DynoDoLOD or Nemesis installed, although I probably will do Nemesis shortly.
  • I don't have an ENB installed. I had Ruby, but again the CPU load was very high and the extra time to load the game while troubleshooting CTDs was maddening.


All of that means I'm pretty much building off Aylis' build as a framework. I understand everything that I do that deviates is likely to add more instability. The lists below focus on the differences between our builds. This is not meant to be used independent of Aylis' build: you still need to follow his notes and instructions as you go.

The comments right after this will detail the differences with the current Aylis Build. I have omitted optional things that Aylis has that I don't, as those are largely issues of personal preference. There are some exceptions to this. Key:

  • Both of us have this, in this order.
  • Both of us have this, the order is different.
  • I have this, Aylis does not.
  • Aylis has this, I do not.


My most recent modwatch can be found  @ https://modwat.ch/u/Makonnen/plugins 


201203 ToDo: Add LL links.


Recommended Comments



  • SKSE
  • Wrye Bash
  • Both of these are related to the fact that Skyrim looks fine to me as a noob. Making it look better may become a higher priority as I get more, um, jaded.
    • DynDOLOD. Yet. It seems like a lot of work, and falls into a once I'm stable, take a look at.
    • ENB. I had for a while, but was having a ton of what seemed to be weather and graphic related FPS issues. That, combined with the significantly longer load times when troubleshooting crashes drove me away.
      • I do plan to ENB again at some point. To that, ENBCO may be invaluable (it depends on your weather choice).
  • BethINI. Here.
  • Modwatch. Here.
  • NifSkope. Here.
  • ReSaver. Part of Fallrim Tools.
  • SSEEdit. Here.
  • zEdit. Here.


My guess is Aylis (and others) also have these tools (although there may be folks who see SSEEdit and zEdit as an either/or), but they aren't required for installation.


Important reminder from the Aylis build:


Initializing the game

You first have to run Skyrim via the normal launcher (aka without SKSE). Then the game will initialize and create the required ini files. Usually it is enough to just run the game 'til you leave the carriage in Helgen.


After that quit the game and you can start to install mods.


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I have nothing here, although I think I have some Ebony Armor that should go here. Most important are Aylis' instructions on how to handle CC Content:



Anything from the CC will end up here. I recommend to create an empty modfolder for each creation and move the files from overwrite to it. This way you can easily decide if and when you want to use them.


So, you install the CC content through the game, it shows up in Overwrite in MO2, and you then move it into an entry here, giving you full control over its inclusion/exclusion down the road.

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This group is aimed at those things that sit high in the order, so they are likely to be overwritten by specific mods. It also seems to have a focus on setting the environmental foundation: trees and such.


First, a note about textures in general: think about textures like an inverted pyramid. You put broad, large packages that make a lot of stuff better at the top. Then you move towards replacements for groups of things. Finally you move towards specific replacements for individual things. This is because lower things "win." So a mod that adds a lot of environmental stuff, then a mod that adds a lot of flowers, then a mod that adds a yellow rose.


  • Cleaned DLC; Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures.
  • Project Clarity Textures: Creatures, Weapons, Armor, Statues, Effects, Clothing/Jewelry.
    • At some point, I may move these to the top of their various sections, but the point is they should be way high up your order. Project Clarity uses automated processes to upsample the vanilla textures. They will never look as good as textures that someone rebuilds lovingly by hand, but they look better than the vanillas. As such, you want them as high up in your order as makes sense, so everything that is truly customized overwrites them.
  • Forgotten Retex Project. [Here]. This seemed like a good place to introduce what, for me, was a key concept.
    • This is a generic, large amount of textures type mod, intentionally put at the top so the "approved" stuff can overwrite it.
  • SMIM & SMIM Furniture; Noble Skyrim; Noble - SMIM Patch; Kyne's Grass
  • HD LODs Textures. Don't have DynDOLOD.
  • Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB. Don't have an ENB.
  • Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix; Dlizzio's Meshes.
  • NoGrassias. I don't think this is actually in 3.06 for Aylis either.
  • Disable Snow Grass. Don't recall why I removed, I think performance, but unsure.
  • High Poly Blackreach Mushrooms; High Poly Project; High Poly Bones; Enhanced Vanilla Trees; Vanilla HD Tree Branches.
  • Reach Tree Replacer (plus billboards and DynDOLOD).
  • Trees Addon & Billboards.
  • Green & Lush Aspen Trees; Riften Docks Overhaul & SMIM Patch.
  • Cathedral Water Overhaul. Dunno.
  • Vanilla Watercolor; Better Dynamic Snow & Patches; Majestic Mountains; HD Stone & Quearries & Majestic Mountains Patch; Improved Rock & Cliff Collision.
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#SKSE Extensions


I don't know if all of these actually hook into SKSE. It's a mixture of core programming support and some code-based functionality.


  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins. Unsure why I moved this up. unsure it really matters.
  • Havok Fix (Aylis has this as optional, I have this off right now)
  • ENB Helper. No ENB.
  • Skyrim SE Shader Bundle. No ENB.
  • JContainers; Papyrus; Papyrus Extender.
  • .Net Script Framework. [Here]. Needed, seemed the right place for it.
  • SSE Parallax Shader Fix; Better Jumping (I'm a Khajiit. Damn straight I jump); Follower Trap Safety; Fuz Ro D-oh.
  • Dynamic Equipment Manager. I will be enabling this shortly.
  • NPC AI Process Position Fix.
  • PrivateProfileRedirector. Disabled as part of troubleshooting, will add back later.
  • SSE Engine Fixes.
  • Stay At the System Page. Felt unnecessary, but now I think I may add it back in.
  • No Grass In Object [Here] & Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods [Here].
    • I'm vacillating on these. First, NGiO has a major update that is supposed to be more stable, but is also far more ocmplicated. Second, LFGM may be enough. Third, I don't mind the paths being overgrown.
  • Bug Fixes for SSE. [Here] Something required this. Or perhaps I just thought the 3 bugs it fixed were worth fixing.
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Pretty self-explanatory.


  • BodySlide & Outfit Studio
  • Better Dialog Box & Better MessageBox. I probably need these, as I do keep stealing things by mistake, which has icky consequences.
  • Font Overhaul; SkyUI; Simple Colored Map Markers.
  • Smaller Map Markers. See below.
  • moreHUD & moreHUD Inventory. Just didn't see the need.
  • Wider MCM; Racemenu.
  • SmoothCAM [here] & Souls-Like Preset [here].
    • This is instead of Improved Camera. I like the way this feels, although it took me a while not to feel dizzy/nausea from the camera swoop. There are a couple other presets that I'd like to test out, specifically EasyEase and Modern Camera.
  • Atlas Map Markers. Either this or the Smaller Map Markers was causing issues. I just jettisoned them both.
  • A Quality World Map. [Here] I like the way it looks, YMMV and the choice of road type is individual.
  • Radiant Quest Marker. [Here] Highly recommended, as it helps declutter the quest list.
  • A Matter of Time. Aylis has this in his Override section.
  • SSE Display Tweaks. [Here] I dunno. The optimizations seemed worthwhile.
  • AIM Fix & AIM FIX Lite [Both Here]. I struggle with bows. I still struggle, so unsure if this is needed or is bloat.
  • UI Extensions.
  • Remove Mods & Remove QuickSave. Removing Mods seems useful, I am less suspicious of QuickSaves than others, but that may just be that I haven't suffered enough yet.
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Basically city/town/location overhauls, but some other stuff, too.


  • Holidays. [Here] I really like this mod, it needs to go above locations, as it sets rules for them. This may not be the right place for it.
  • Grass FPS Booster; Skyrim 3D Landscapes, but not the BillboardsMore Dirt, Snow & Ash; Ice Cave Parallax; Immersive Fallen Trees; JK's Skyrim; Dawn of Skyrim; JK & Dawn Patches; JK's Locations and Patches.
  • Overgrown Cottage. The height requirement thing turned me off.
  • Raven Rock Reborn; Skyrim Sewers; Lanterns of Skyrim II; Riften Docks Patch.
  • ESO Skyshards. I do use Ordinator, so I may regret this.
  • Anna's Proudspire; Breezehome by Lupus; Cynn's Vindrel Hall.
  • Ebongrove SE and Shades of the Rift. Personal preference.
  • Windstad Manor - Solitude Rowboat. Didn't seem worth the esp slot.
  • Shezarie KitchenShezarie GreenhousePTC's Hearthfire. Personal preference.
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Aylis has a single TEXTURES section, I've divided it into 3. As such, the order is a little bit different between us, but not in things that should overwrite each other.




  • aMidianBorn Book of Silence. [Here] Generic texture replacement.
  • Better Falmer Cave Ceiling Glow; Better Wine Labels; Book Covers; Burned Book Retextures; Comfy Dwemer Beds.
  • Cork Retextures. Just haven't gotten around to it.
  • Dressed Hearthfire Doll; El Sopa Dirt Blast, Dust Piles, and Meridia's Beacon; HD mammothcheese; High Poly Keys; Reworked Baskets; Reworked Falmer Architecture; Saerek Skull; Sawdust.
  • Vanilla Lanterns. Made redundant by Ruins Clutter Improved.
  • Wizkid Signs; High Poly Pebbles; Rudy HQ Hay, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Pottery, Nordic Ruins, Chests, Lever.
  • Rudy HQ Pots. Made redundant by Ruins Clutter Improved.
  • Rally's All the Things; Glorious Doors of Skyrim; RUSTIC potions, Azura's Star, Ruins Clutter Improved, Elderscroll, Furniture, Reliefs, Soul Gems & Windows; WizKid Hall of the Dead Stained Windows; Nordic Tent & Small Nordic Tent; Medieval Silverworks & Spirits.
  • Remiros' Dragonborn Alcohol
  • Spiderweb & Particles for ENB. Given no ENB, wonder why I have this?
  • Realistic Ingots & Ores; JS Purses & Septims & Septim Replacer; 4K Traps; Ruins Clutter Improved (including Falmer Temple ChandelierRuins Linen Normal Map Fix); CleverCharff Photorealistic Ash Pile; Skyrim 3D Rocks & BDS Patch; Skyrim 3D Blacksmith; Renthal's Tanning Rack; Skyrim 3D Cooking; Crusty Loaves; Better Sweetrolls; Ingredients; Hearthfire Crispy Dumplings; 3D Oven Cooking Patch; 3D Furniture; 3D Furniture SMIM patch; Vanilla Table Replacer; Common Table Replacer; Basic Dining Set Replacer.
  • Rugnarok. [Here]. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugz.
  • Barenziah's Glory [Here].
  • JS Dragon Claws [Here] & Amehthyst Patch [Here].
  • Teddybears. [Here] You know, for kidz.
  • White Phial Replacer. [Here]
  • DK's Nord Ship Replacer. [Here]
  • Ancient Nord Pickaxe Replacer. [Here] Got one of these my first trip to Raven Rock. Sentimental.
  • Unread Books Glow with MCM. [Here]
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Both of these are pretty much straight Aylis, other than the 2 mods at the very end of Locales. That makes them a bit wallOfText  to read, but you should be working of the master list in any case.


  • Mari's Deathbell, Dragons Tongue, Hanging Moss, ivy, Lavender, Mountain Flower, Nightshade & Nimroot, Tundra Cotton & Thistle.
    • Deathbell takes up an esp if you choose an option in the FOMOD. Up to you. You can install the texture without the option.
  • Renthal nettle; Snowberries; High Poly Gleamblossoms; Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers & Pine Grass; Less Ugly Tundragrass.
  • Tamrielic Textures Landscapes.
    • This could move higher to respect pyramid concept. Or not.
  • Grass Terrain Remade; Dandelions; Waterplants; 3D Snowberries HD.




  • Snow Elf Ruins; Riften in High Definition; CleverCharff's Apocrypha, Castle Volkihar, Caves, Caves - No Grass on Snow, Farmhouses & Farm Towns, Fort Dawnguard, Forts & Dungeons, High Hrothgar, Markarth & Dwemer Ruins, Mines, Nordic Ruins, Orc Strongholds, Org Strongholds with Slate Roofs, SkyHaven, Solitude, Soul Cairn & SMIM Patch, & Windhelm; Better Whiterun; Rally's Raven Rock & Tel Mithryn; JS Shrines of the Divines; Smooth Sky mesh; Rapid Rocks & Update; Skyrim 3D Docks and Boardwalks & High Hrothgar Steps; WizKid Parallax Farmhouses; Skyrim Posts Replacer; Renthal's Waterwheel; SD's Farmhouse Fences; Parallax Pelts; Nordix Beds SE; Double Beds for Spooning; HQ Puddles.
  • Hold Border Banners. [Here]. It just seems like the borders would at least be marked.
  • Sigils of Skyrim. [Here]
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  • CBBE; Fair Skin Complexion; Expressive Facegen Morphs SE, Female, & Male Editions; High Poly Head.
  • Skin Option. I dunno' what the impact is of not having any of these. When I removed all things Bijiin, I was left without. At some point, I may install Demoniac CBBE.
  • Natural Skin Tones
  • Feminine Argonian. Dislike the Argonian.
  • Masculine Argonian & Kjajiit Textures (Grey Cat).
  • Feminine Khajiit Textures.
  • Pretty Lips; Eyes of Beauty & Elven Edition; ESL High Poly Pretty Face; KS Hairdoes.
  • Breast Weight Painted Hair KS Hair & Khajiit/Argonian [on the files tab of main page].
  • Beards; Realistic Hair Colors; Schlongs of Skyrim; Tempered Skin for Males; Vanilla Makeup HD; Vanilla Warpaints; Bronze Shine Be Gone; The Painted Lady; SOS Female Pubic Hairs; SOS FPH 3BA Bodyslides; 3BA Options: NPC Pubic Hair; WetFunction REdux, CBBE, and Male.
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{ Only I have these two sections. As such, only the section names are like this, allowing me to link directly from the mod name. }





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This is one spot I diverge a lot from Aylis. So far, these mods haven't been responsible for any crashes, but it's always one of the first places I suspect.


  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures & Patches. [main mod; patch central]
  • SkyTEST Realistic Animals [main mod], Integration Project [here], Better Sheep [here], Bellyaches Collection [here], Chick Replacer [here], & Less Shiny Pigs [here].
    • Like the combination of these 2 mods and the changes they create in creature behavior.
  • RUSTIC Dragons. [Here]. This is pyramid model for dragons: this one is the basic retexturing.
  • Bellyaches Dragon Replacer. [Here]. More replacements.
  • HD Reworked Dragons. Aylis' recommended mod, so it overwrites the previous 2.
  • Diverse Dragons Collection. [Here]. More odd winged things.
  • Serio's Enhanced Dragons. [Here]. Ended up disabling this for now, but looking forward to more powerful dragon posse's once I'm more powerful. And have a posse. There is a Redone Version as well--it's an either/or as to which you use.
  • Ultimate Dragons. [Here]. Now that we have the dragon visuals, this impacts dragon behavior.
  • Dragons Less Flying More Fighting. [Here]. I get tired of using a bow ...
    • All of these combine for a wider variety of more interesting looking dragons. No issues so far.
  • skyBirds. SkyBirds throws a lot of script errors, but it adds so much to immersion ...
  • Butterflies Unchained; CC's Dwemer Automatons.
  • Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak. [Here]
  • Deer and Elk.
  • Deer Expansion. [Here]
  • Dragon Priest, Draugr, Falmer, Giant, Hagraven, Mammoth, Sabre Cat, Skeleton & Human Bones, Troll, Wispmother by Kajuan.
    • Aylis has these alphabetically in his creature list. Don't think it matters, except Giant has to show up before the Skin/Hair Shader for them.
  • Female Dremora; Realistic Skin and Hair Shaders - Giants; Goat & Horker; HD Bees & Honeycomb, Pondifsh, Rabbit, & Reworked Horses; El Sopa Strider & Netches.
  • High Res Dartwing.
  • Highland Cow; RUSTIC Daedra; Death Hound & Gargoyle; Frostbite Spider; Spriggan.
  • Better Bears [here], HD Reworked Bears [here], Polar Bears [here]True Bears [here].
    • If you're gonna' redo the Bears, go all the way.
  • Durzog Replacer. [here]
  • Diverse Werewolves. [here] I like being able to customize my werewolf form, too.
  • Wolves of Cyrodiil. [here]
  • SavrenX Solstheim Creatures [here] & Spider Poison.
  • Talkative Dragons - Skyrim Immersive Creatures Patch. [here]
  • Dogs Kingdom. [here] They're all good dogs ... a recent favorite moment was waking up and finding a small white dog curled up outside my tent.
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(I have some work to do here to install Nemesis. I also don't like the slutwalk for female warriors, so some differences there.)


  • XP32 & Better Female Hands & Wrists.
  • FNIS
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer.
    • DAR - Diverse Equipment Idle 
    • DAR - Diverse Equipment Normal Attack
    • DAR - Diverse Random Idle
    • DAR - Diverse Random Power Attack
    • DAR - Diverse Random Block
  • EVG Conditional & Animation Variance
  • DAR - Double Bed Spooning.
  • Casual Bow Animation.
  • FemaleWalk & mcgFemaleWalk.
  • Slightly Less Crappy Swimming & Stronger Swimming; TK Dodge; Feminine Jarl & Pickup.
  • Movement Behavior Overhaul. No Nemesis yet.
  • Jump Behavior Overhaul.
  • Relaxed Sneak Automation; HDT-SMP; CBPC; SINful CBP; KS Hairdos - HDT SMP.
  • Nemesis. Gotta' take the plunge at some point.
  • Animated Weapon Enchants. Aylis has this in his Override section.
  • DAR - Injured Animations. [here]
  • Dual Wield Attack Power Forward Replacer. [here]
  • Lifelike Idle Animations. [here]
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#ARMOR (and Early Combos)


(With 3.06 Aylis split his armor and weapon sections. I've had 3, one for early combination sets [think pyramid], one for weapons, and one for armor or weapon like things. I have some concerns about my divergence from Aylis here, too, but so far so good. Perhaps more importantly, I don't know enough about where and how these items appear to really vouch for the impact of many of the mods. YMMV.)


  • Vanilla Weapon Replacer. [Here].
  • Common Clothes & Armor. [Here].
    • There is a CBBE Patch if you this gives you unsightly seams. I haven't noticed them yet and I am still learning about how to utilize BodySlide "correctly."
  • Cathedral - Armory. [Here].
  • Somewhat Historically Accurate Weapons & Viking Gear. [Here].
  • Girl's Heavy Armors. [Here].
  • Frankly HD Dawnguard, Dragonbone & Dragonscale, & Nightingale.
  • Guards Armor Replacer.
  • Guards Overhaul.
  • Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged & Patch. [Here].
  • Ranger Armor. [Here].
  • Remiro's Ancient Falmer Armor.
  • Gigaduex Armor Set & Bodyslide.
  • Practical Female Armor. [Here].
  • Thieves Guild Armor. [Here]. There is also a FranklyHD Thieves Guild set if you want to stay consistent with that look.
  • The Witcher 3 Female Armor. [Here].
  • Heavy Armory. [Here].
  • Truly Light Glass Armor. [Here].
  • Royal Armory. [Here].
  • Peacekeeper Armour. [Here].
  • Grandmaster Ursine Armor. [Here].
  • Ciri's Outfit; Triss Armor.
  • Improved Closefaced Helmets.
  • Light Ebony Armor.
  • NordWarUA's Vanilla Replacers, Armor Replacers, and Race Armor Expansion. There was something in the NordWarUA installation that deterred me.
  • Unplayable Faction Armors.
  • New Legion & New Legion NordWarUA Textures.
  • CC's UHD Stahlrim Weapons and Armor.
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(A lot of out-of-order stuff here as well.)


  • Standalone09s Weapons. [here]
  • InsanitySorrow Weapons Pack. [here]
  • Frankly HD Miraak; Classic Morrowind Morag Tong.
  • Believable Weapons.
  • Pickaxe Redone & Realistic HD Woodcutter's Axe.
  • Unique Thane Weapons.
  • Ebony EdgeGlass Blades & Aevrigheim Miraak's Sword & Staff.
  • Kthonia's Unique Pack - Dragonborn. [here]
  • Aligned Arrows & Bolts; Elven ArrowFalmer Arrow, & No More Fork-Like Dragonbone Arrows; Real Bows & Real Bound Bow.
  • Auriel's Weaponry.


(Only I have this section, but the mods are shared--it's an administrative choice meant to handle circlets, rings, bandoliers, and the like.)


#Misc Weapons/Armor Type Things


  • Opulent Robe Retxture; Serana Hood Fix; JS Circlet Replacer; RUSTIC AMULETS.
  • El Sopa Bonehawk Amulet.
  • HN66's Earrings; JS Armored Circlets & Barenziah; Gemling Queen Jewelry.
  • Wear Multiple Rings. No matter what, could not get it to work for me.
  • Reliquary of Myth Artifact Overhaul.
  • Natural Dragon Priest Masks.
  • Cloaks of Skyrim. [here]. I love the idea here; that said, the constant physics issues (cloaks flaring up oddly, cloaks waving in the air on corpses deep in dungeons, the odd stretching visual when you enter rooms) lead me to question it. So far, I'm keeping it.
  • Winter is ComingWiC - Cloaks Patch. [here].
    • Cloaks HDT Patch [here]; Cloaks HD [here].
  • Bandoliers, Bags & Pouches. [Here]. This is a must-have mod for me; some folks think it borders on cheating.
    • SoS Patch [here]; NPC Patch [here]; Nude Body Fix [here]; Tighter Male [here] & Tighter Female [here]; Missing Bags [here].
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(Only I have this section. Includes weapons and armor mods that I've merged into a single mod. I think this is probably a best-practice if you create your own merges, so it's easy to enable them if you need to udpate/change the merged mod contents).


#Merged ArmorWeapons Mods

  • Elven Blades; CL's Rapier.
  • More Weapons Please. [here]
  • Early-Middleages HelmetsSimple Hauberk. [both here]
  • Talos Housecarl Armor Pack. [here]
  • Ashara Elven Archer Armour. [here]
  • Oblivion Weapons. [here]
  • Tauriel's Bow and Arrows.


So, currently, that is 9 mods combined into 1 esp slot.

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#Rad New Stuff


(Aylis calls this Overrride; it is where things that really change the core game go.)


  • Andromeda.
  • Better Vampires. Haven't done the Dawnguard quest yet, so haven't seen the need for better vampires.
  • Dirt & Blood.
  • Widget: Bathing in Skyrim.
  • Enhanced Blood Textures; Falling Gildergreen Petals; Footprints & Transparency Fix.
  • Horse Muck.
  • Lawbringer & Tactical Valtheim.
    • Trees Addon - Tactical Valtheim Patch.
  • Gildergreen Reborn; Glorious Dwarven Metal; Go to Bed & Sleep Tight.
  • Hearthfire Display Case Fix.
  • Campfire. [here]. This is a must-have for me. Pitching a tent and sitting around the fire is when I talk to followers. Good stuff for immersion.
  • Imperious. [here].
  • FleshFX.
  • Improved Meeko.
  • Linenwrap Recipe.
  • Mannequins RevampedFixSkin Textures, & Manipulater.
  • MorrowLoot
    • ICH, Insanity [on same page as most other patches, here], JK Drunken Huntsman, Guards Armor Replacer Patches, Heavy Armory & Royal Armory [both here] Patches.
  • No BS AI Projectile Dodge.
  • No Edge Glow.
  • One With Nature.
  • Thieves Guild Requirements.
  • Training Dummies.
  • Triumverate - Mage Archetypes.
  • Immersive Carry Weight Spells.
  • Immersive Spell Learning; Violens; Wet & Cold, Fur Hoods Fix, & Breath Texture; ElSopa Big Backpack & Improved Water Drops.
  • Cloaks of Skyrim Wet & Cold Patch. [with other patches, here].
  • Armor Rating Redux.
  • Alternate Start & New Beginnings. [here]
  • Ordinator; Perk Points; Passive Weapon Enchantment Recharging; Skyrim Reputation.
  • Apocalypse & Apoc - Ordinator Patch. [both here]
  • LIGHTS ON. [here]
  • Realistic Needs & Diseases. [here]
  • Evolving Value Economy. [here]
  • Honed Metal [here]Honed Metal Additional Materials [here], Honed Metal Voiced [here], & Mod Enchants for Honed Metal [here].
    • Honed Metal basically gives me a way to not have to become an enchanter or smith(er).
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(Aylis has a single NPC section. I have a bunch, for followers reasons.)



  • RaceCompatibility Fixes. [here] A requirement for the elven children mod below.
  • Quality CubeMaps; Elegant Queen; High Poly NPC Overhaul, JK Skyrim & ASAL Patches; Dawnguard Sentries + & KS Hairdos.
  • Bijiin NPCsWarmaidens, Wives, AIO, & Bodyslides. I really like some of them--I miss the bombshell Mjoll for example--but overall the Bijiin aesthetic is too similar for me. I am pretty sure its core audience loves it, so I would try it and make up your own mind. Nothing against it, and deeply respectful of the amount of work that went into it.
  • Dunmeri Ghosts & Gear; HD Skins for Old Females.
  • Stormcloak Elite Unite. [here].
  • Pandorable NPCs - Dragonborn. [here]
    • I am in the process of trying out the Pandorable NPCs and Pandorable Dawnguard to see if they also trigger my "Bijiin Reaction."
  • Serenaholic.


#NPCs - Kiddos


(I found it easier to troubleshoot by having all of the children related stuff in its own section.)


  • RS Children Overhaul; Realistic RS Children Overhaul.
    • One note: keeping these straight is maddening due to the names and abbreviations. Make sure you have the masters above the revisions.
  • Aymer & Friends. Elven children.
    • I want to change from this mod to this one. Should happen soon. Their names are equally confuzzling.
  • Imperious Patch for RS Children Overhaul. [here]
  • Khajiit Child Maisha. [here]
  • Khajiit Caravan Kittens [here] & Child Clothing Edit [here]. 
  • Redguard Children Skintone Fix. [here]
  • Hearthfire Children Grow Up & RS Elven & Beast Children Patch. [both here] I suspect this may be a poor choice to include. Have not seen impacts of it yet.
  • More Gifts for Children [here] & Children Toys [here].
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#NPC Followers


This is purely personal choice. I like traveling as part of a posse (which speaks to as bad I am at combat mechanics as anything else), I like building out characters, and I like orgies. My goal is a lot of unique characters that I can rotate through if I complete their quests and/or they die, and then a lot of generic NPCs filling out space and waiting for large parties to occur. Of course, YMMV--if you don't want to be told I lived in Cyrodiil all my life again and again, you may want to pass.


I have not played all of these followers, but I did spend a lot of time trying to cull the list for mods that seemed relatively stable and had interesting work put into them. I also avoided the purely slooty followers in general. I'm including the waiting list in case that helps anyone else narrow down the follower pool.


Aylis has Auri/Song of the Green. All else is only me, meaning links are in the text itself.


- Currently Active Followers -



- The Waiting List -- Currently Inactive Followers -

( Not in any particular order--will grab more based on whether I need a healer or a tank or whatever. )



- Follower Packs -


(These are single mods that add somewhere between a handful and 75 potential followers each. Expected to be cannon and party fodder more than anything else.)



So, that's 122 right there ...

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#NPC Followers/Packs Merged


(Like the Armor & Weapons stuff above, I merged a bunch of followers into a single esp to save slots. I only merged mods that only were esp file, meshes, and textures. That is, no scripts, no bsa's, etc.)



30 mods into 1 slot. Another 136 followers.

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#NPC Behaviors


(This is another section that is prime suspect for issues, as both OBIS and Immersive Patrols do a lot of stuff.)


  • OBIS & OBIS Patrols [both here], OBIS Loot OBIS Loot Update [here], & OBIS Renamed [here].
    • I like the OBIS suite for making bandits harder and adding some oomph to the notion of the wilds of Skyrim.
  • SC - KS Hairdos Retextured & Physics; Eye Normal Map Fix.
  • More Tavern Idles. [here] This is important if you go nuts on followers--it gives them more places to hang out in inns & taverns.
  • Khajiits Steal Too. [here]
  • Followers Can Relax. [here]
  • Multiple Floors Sandboxing. Aylis has this in his Override section.
  • Immersive World Encounters. [here]
  • Nether's Follower Framework. [here] I settled on NFF largely due to it being quite active and the documentation that is available.
  • Follower Death & Injury Chance. [here] Clearly YMMV. I wish there were a way to make 1 companion immune and that displays of injury were more obvious, perhaps visible through an MCM. But it does change how you think about your tanks.
  • Immersive Patrols. [here] This can feel close to a cheat, as you can loot the battles regularly. But if there is a war going on, encountering skirmishes is logical.
  • Smart NPC Potions. [here]
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#My Merges


My three merges--WeaponsArmor, Followers, FollowerPacks. I don't think it's OK to post those merges without permission from the mod authors, but if it does become OK, I will attach them.

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( Sound isn't terribly impactful for me, so I omit some of these. I'm often playing while other things are going on: if you are an immersive headphones type player, I would include it all. )


  • Audio Overhaul & Enhanced Blood Patch; Immersive Sounds; AO & IS Patch.
  • Enhanced Waterfall Sounds.
  • Improved River Sounds.
  • Morrowind Music Jeremy Soule Inspired Music.
  • PC Head Tracking & Voice Type. I hadn't installed this due to Alternate Conversation Camera, but am giving it another go.
  • Relationship Dialog Overhaul & Patches; Realistic Conversations.
  • Realistic Husky Sounds.
  • Enhanced Draugr FX.
  • Heart of the Beast.
  • Daedric Voices.
  • More Painful NPC Death Sounds.
  • Talkative Dragons; Guard Dialog Overhaul.
  • Shut the F Up.
  • Stop That.
  • NPC Dialog Enhancer.
  • Alternate Conversation Camera. [here] Dunno' why this is here and not with other camera stuff. Shrug. I like how it zooms in on the people involved in a conversation, especially in crowded settings.


#Loading Screens


( I'm frustrated here: I read that loading screen mods should just be able to stack, greatly diversifying what you see. But my experience is that they don't, that they override each other in weird ways. I dunno. At some point, I'll dig in and try to combine these; for now, they are all inactive. Aylis has a custom loading screen file that I have not tried. )


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#Weather and Lighting


( This is probably the most important departure from Aylis structurally. I was having performance issues with Obsidian. Mix that with a general agreement with the "Cathedral Concept," and I jumped to Cathedral Weather, which had a far lower performance impact. This impacts a lot of patches and the like as well. )


  • Obsidian Weathers and SeasonsTrue Storms, and Patches.
  • Cathedral Weathers and Seasons & Data Glitch Fix [here], MCM [here], Snow Patch [here], and Improved Rain & Fog [here].
    • I may ditch the MCM, as the old spell control handled some options differently and I'm having a hard time getting used to the MCM controls.
  • Draco's Beautiful Clouds; Luminosity; Lanterns of Skyrim II 3.0; Volcanic Tundra; Wonders of Weather; Ultimate HD Fire Effects & Candle Flames.
  • Rudy HQ Lights for ENB Bthardmaz, Chaurus, Glowing Mushrooms, Soulgems. Will activate once I ENB.
  • Smoking Torches & Candles; Medieval Candlehorns & STAC Patch; SD's Horn Candles & STAC Patch; More Colorful Torchbug Lanterns.
  • ENB Light.
  • Embers XD. Unsure why I never installed this.
  • Torch Remover. Now on The Bad List, as was causing crash for me. Perhaps conflict with NFF?
  • Arctic Frost Effects.
  • Get Snowy. Was causing massive performance hits.
  • Snow Effects; Enlightened College of Winterhold; Volumetric Mists.
  • Reduced Glow FX.
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(I have split the LL stuff by category as well. This section covers things included in Aylis' build, the next other stuff.)


#Lovers Lab


( Another section where YMMV dramatically. I'm after consensual, non-creature sex. If you're not, include more of Aylis' optionals. )


  • SexLab Framework
  • Mfg FixPC Head Tracking & Voice Patch, & LipSync Fix.
    • This is on the bad list, but it doesn't make sense. See here for more detail, but the bug is 100% reproducible and 100% solved by removing these. More research at some point needed.
  • SexLab Aroused
  • Devious Devices & Bodyslides.
  • SLAL.
  • SexLab Defeat.
  • SexLab Shrines & SLAL Aroused Addon.
  • Dripping When Aroused.
  • SexLab Attraction.
  • SexLab Eager NPCs.
  • Arousal Based Matchmaker / Random Sex Mod.
  • SexLab LightMeUp; SexLab Ammo Unequip; SexLab Advanced Cum Stages & SLACS Replacer.


#Lovers Lab Animations


( Aylis has these above SLACS. Do some research, find your sweet spots. These are all LL files, will chase down links later.)


  • Aroused Sexy Idles.
  • Babo Human.
  • Billy's SLAL.
  • Master Mike SLAL.
  • MYSLALPACK 12.0.
  • SLAL Mike.
  • Leito.
  • Ayasato.
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( My final two LL Sections. Links forthcoming. )


#LL - Flower Girls

  • Flower Girls.
  • Amorous Adventures, Flower Girls Adventures, & More Adventures for FG.
  • KS Hair for FG & KS Hair for FG Adventures.
  • FG Exotic Flowers.
  • FG Threesome Dialog Fix.


#Miscellaneous LL Patches & Stuff

  • FG & Caesia Patch.
  • Song of the Green Patches and Riften Docks SotG Patch.
  • Patch for FG - Multiple Adoptions.
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