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First Time Part Two: The Lower Part



Here is the second entry in my little romance novella. This one took a little longer than the first. There will be at least one more in the series. We only made it to third base on this one. Stay tuned for the finale. This one gets a bit more graphic and detailed than part one.


Need to catch up? Here's part one:


Part Two:


Darron and Jaina First Time Part Two


At the end of eternity and all things fallen away, it was as it had begun: a man and a woman sat alone in the void, together. Yet that was not truly to be the end. Half their clothes were still on.


Taking a few moments to catch their breath, Darron and Jaina released each other and dropped their hands to each other's waist. Breathing heavily, they just sat and stared at each other, waiting on the other to make a move like seasoned duelists after several bouts. Their eyes locked in a glare as intense and fiery as the most intimate foes.


Darron blinked first. He lunged at Jaina, intending to tackler her to the bed. But Jaina was ready for him. She gripped his belt and twisted as she stood. Darron was already off balance and had no chance to catch himself as he was spun onto his back. He landed with a huff and his eyes wide. A triumphant Jaina stood above him, beaming proudly from ear to ear. Darron was overwhelmed and helpless after just one exchange. Jaina tauntingly flicked the stolen belt with a whipcrack.


Darron held up his hands defensively and cried mercy. Jaina drew her lips into a smirk and dropped the belt with a clink on the floor. She would deliver a merciful release unto Darron, after she had had her way with him.


A bulge swelled and strained at the confines of Darron's pants with the belt gone. Jaina bent down and delicately caressed and traced the outline with her fingers. The bulge in the pants tent twitched in response. Darron clearly still had some fight in him. Jaina determined to do something about that.


Darron admired the view of her breasts hanging before him as she looked down at his crotch. She swirled her hand in a circle of his manhood, looking like a predator toying with her prey, deciding how she wanted her meal.


Jaina grabbed Darron by the ankles and roughly heaved him forward until his butt sat at the end of their bed, his legs hanging to the floor. Darron sat back up in amazement after recovering his wits. Still awestruck, he gaped, awaiting further direction.


Jaina placed a finger under his chin, pushing up to close his mouth. She leaned in to kiss her willing captive. Their mouths exchanged breath as they sucked lips. Jaina thrust her tongue forward to wrap around his tongue. She wrestled it, licking it, and massaging it, giving Darron a taste of what she would do to his other fleshy member.


In a deft counter riposte, Darron thrust his tongue past to reach her uvula. In surprise, Jaina's eyes flashed open and she drew back to cough, spittle on her lips. She cleared the moisture then closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in a mocking gesture. This man had clearly been holding back some moves. That simply would not do.


Chuckling, Jaina gave Darron a lascivious wink and dropped to her knees. Her eyes were now level with the bulge in Darron's pants. She hesitated, anticipating, savoring the moment, her hands paused at his seam. Darron saw her gazing intently at his crotch, fascinated, seemingly vacillating on how to approach him. While she poised to strike, Darron made a move to grab her boob. She deftly parried his hand and flicked it away without looking. She apparently didn't want any distractions. Sighing, Darron waited for Jaina's tender ministrations.


Ready to reveal him, Jaina undid his pants. She was not disappointed. Darron's sword lept from its sheathe to greet her, pulsing and dribbling pre-cum. An expression of surprise morphed into glee on her features. She would happily impale herself on it later. First things first.


Darron's penis seemed to be drawn to her as if by magnetism. He could already feel humid breath on the sensitive tip. The sexual tension tightened his gut and the muscles twitched his penis in response.


Taking the bucking of her stallion as assent, Jaina gingerly leaned forward and kissed Darron gently on the glans, her wet lips sliding on the smooth head. Jaina looked up briefly to smile in approval at Darron before returning to her work.


Fingertips traced the length, starting at the head, past the collar, down the shaft to brush his hair and back up to the tip. She touched it with her middle finger then took her thumb to grab the tip, testing its sponginess. A string of sticky fluid trailed her thumb, the penis drooling in pleasure from having its chin scratched. Jaina smooched his head again, taking some semen with her to taste. It was salty with a hint of sweetness, just like its owner.


Licking her fingers, she began stroking the cock from frill to base, her saliva lubricating the massage. Jaina expertly touched and tested for sensitive spots, prodding and squeezing the skin. He had good, healthy structure. It would do for what she had planned. The ribbed belly in particular seemed responsive to stimulation. She had his cock positively humming. She would have to take this slow and not overdo it if she wanted him for later.


It was time to pleasure him properly. Jaina pushed his tip to her lips with a finger beneath it. She held Darron's shaft up by her mouth while she slowly stroked down the length to its base with her hand. Reaching the root of his stem, she continued further, massaging and cupping his balls. His sack sloshed with love juice she longed to sip from. For now she fingered the organ's inner tubes, stimulating it to produce for her. Jaina wanted Darron to give her everything he had.


Bringing up her other hand, she resumed stroking Darron's spear. She had him haft and hilt as she began thrusting him into her mouth. Just the tip at first, then deeper and deeper. Her tongue swirled his glans and stroked the under belly. Jaina was fine tuning her instrument for the main event later. This was just the warm up solo she played.


Slurping and sucking noises reached Darron's ears as Jaina wetted his throbbing member. Darron could barely keep his focus. She was good, FAR too good. Darron's consciousness danced on the tight rope between indulging his pleasure too much and shutting off completely from all senses. Straying too far either way would surely lead to disaster. There was no way Darron could continue like this indefinitely. Even now he could feel his balance wavering.


Darron's eyes flashed open, breaking his reverie. Reflexively, his hips bucked and thrust his penis into the back of Jaina's throat. Quickly she pulled herself off of his shift, leaving a trail of sticky saliva, covering his penis and hanging from her mouth. She cough up what she had taken in her lungs and spit. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand and struggling to even out her breathing, Jaina looked up at Darron. His eyes were wide with fear. He leaned backwards braced on his arms, clutching bunches of blanket in his hands. His breath heaving, his penis bucking rhythmically and his whole body shuddering slightly, Jaina realized just how close she came to taking a cumshot up the sinuses. She would have to be a lot more careful.


Talos, Darron thought.


Gently, Jaina reached out and petted Darron's arms and patiently waited until he calmed himself and his breath evened out. His hard throbbing dick began to soften a bit. Pointing down, some cum drooled out the end. Jaina dabbed a finger to it before it could drip. He started to apologize but Jaina shushed him putting her finger to his lips. No apologies were necessary but there was a way Darron could pay her back.


More comfortable now, Darron let her take his pants all the way off. Then it was her turn. They both stood and switched places so Jaina was at the foot of the bed. They were both still quite flushed but they kissed more tenderly this time and held each other. Jaina wanted to let Darron regain his confidence by taking the lead for a while. She would need a proud stallion to mount and ride off into the sunset.


Darron looked more himself as he gave Jaina a smile and dropped his hand to give her tush a quick squeeze. Jaina grinned back but let Darron guide her. First he petted and felt up her womanly contours. With both hands he held her hips, reaching back to caress her plump buttocks, then dropping to her thighs. Darron was able to grip enough fat to play with but found strong, firm muscle beneath supporting it. Just like her to be soft and huggable on the outside and strong and supportive on the inside.


Darron began to drift more towards Jaina's groin with one hand. She felt the tension grow in her once more with the intimation of his destination. As if to illustrate her thoughts, his penis rose once more between her thighs. Jaina felt blood flowing to her lady lips and moisture as though her pussy realized his doggy wanted her to come out and play. Kitty and doggy could play together soon enough, but for now, Jaina just really wanted Darron to tongue fuck her brains out. She was aching so bad.


Darron, as if reading her thoughts, suddenly swept a hand to her crotch and began to massage her through the fabric with two fingers. Jaina gasped a long, hard inhale, puffing up her chest. Dew forming in the corner of her eyes, Jaina didn't dare to exhale until Darron let go of her pussy. She instead nodded enthusiastically. After a pregnant moment he released her and Jaina gave a shuddering exhale. Her throbbing clit was as hard as his dick now.


Eagerly, Jaina took his hands and guided them to her zipper. Obliging her, Darron unzipped her then turned her around by the hips. He petted her rump once more, enjoying the form. Darron embraced her from behind, tracing her abs, then cupping her bare breasts. Sensing what Darron had in mind, Jaina thrust her ass on his dick and began to grind through her pants. She reached back to hold his head and make out some more. With his left hand, Darron continued to knead and play with her breast. With her right hand, Jaina guided Darron's right hand hand down inside her unzipped pants. Together they found her panties and Darron squeezed and stroked her cameltoe.


Jaina so horny, she began to moan and plead like a bitch in heat. Not one to keep a lady waiting, Darron promptly grabbed her butt and pulled Jaina's pants down as she stepped out of them. Jaina climbed up onto the bed on her hands and knees, looking back at Darron expectantly. Darron admired Jaina's peach as she waggled her ass at him. He pressed her panties up into her pussy, giving himself a view of her cute white vulva. Darron kissed and sucked on her lady lips.


Jaina was unsure if Darron was going to floss her pussy all night until she felt cool air on her tender nether and her panties drop to her knees. His warm, wet tongue snaked up into her vagina and Jaina leaned forward, shuddering from the sensation. He pulled out, gave her vulva a wiggle with his hand then resumed tonguing her. Darron licked and circled her erect clitoris glans like a lollipop. If Darron was beneath her, Jaina would happily do the same to HIS lollipop.


Jaina leaned down in between her arms, mushing her breasts onto the bed and burying her face into the pillow. The occasional muffled squeal could be heard from inside the pillow but mostly all Darron heard were moans of gratitude. Jaina could only hear her heartbeat in her ears.


A louder thud resounded in Jaina's ears above her heartbeat in time with a great release of tension in her vagina that had been building for quite some time. Had she just came? Jaina propped herself back up and looked back at Darron who had fallen back from her ejaculation. His face was covered in pussy good and he was grinning stupidly. Jaina smiled happily and laughed in spite of herself.


Darron had passed the first test. Now it was time to see if his other worm could do the same job. Then she would...finish...his oral exam.


Part Two


Hope you liked it!


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