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This story is based on my most recent, heavily modded, playthrough of Fallout 4. I have 429 Mods installed, 366 plugins, many merged, many ESLs. So there will be people, places and locations in the story not familiar to many readers. There were also many dialogue choices that were not satisfactory to this gamer, including some involving Sturges and the Brotherhood of Steel. So, on to what I have and what makes this playthrough unique.


Of course, all of the official DLCs, the Unofficial Patch, and Horizon 1.8. Horizon is the big one, changing the game on almost every level. It changes build areas, gives the player a lot more options as far as builds and manufacturing, and many new perks. I highly recommend Horizon. Advanced Needs 2 by Flashy(JoeR) is my survival mod of choice, giving the character many options for eating, drinking and sexing. I’m also using the Worsins Power Armor Mod which significantly improves the PA the player can build, and a mod that makes power armor provide absolute protection for everyone, at least until the armor is broken down by fire. There are a great number of weapon and armor mods installed, along with a number of Workshop expansion mods. To give the game a little more of a kickstart for someone who has already played through a half dozen times, I use the Sole Survivor’s Military Service Record to give some backstory while starting Nora, in my case, at a much higher level. And I eventually give her the Superserum from that mod, giving her the powers of Captain America. But even with all of the armor, weapons and augmented biology my character still dies way too often.


The Thuggysmurf series of mods gives me an integrated expansion of storyline with many alternative endings, and they all fit seamlessly together. Outcasts and Remnants, Fusion City Rising, Project Valkyrie and Depravity give the game large new areas, new enemies, and a storyline that fits together as if it were one big mod. New areas are provided by Beantown Interiors, Lexington Interiors, Concord Expanded, and many others. I’m using mods to expand and improve on Diamond City and Goodneighbor, including the excellent Diamond City Expansion which adds the Red Seat Adult Club and many areas for fantasy fun. One I will not recommend is Welcome to Goodneighbor, which was poorly voice acted and had just too many problems. When I commented on his Nexus page that it had stolen my workbench from Sanctuary Hills (a well-documented problem) I was blocked from his download page.


For new companions I used Wasteland Barb, llama Companiuon Heather, Ellen, and several others I have yet to meet. Heather is probably the best of the bunch, with a huge dialogue system that spans the game. Interesting NPCs (3DNPC) is an expansion I can’t play without in either Fallout 4 or Skyrim, adding a huge number of fully voice acted characters and quests.


For Adult Mods I use AAF as the base, then fill in with a number of animation mods using Magno Cum Guadio as my basic sex mod, which allows both casual sex, romance and prostitution. I fill in with a number of mods, including the full RSEII series. It allows for a full fantasy playthrough of Fallout 4, while still maintaining the serious vibe of the game. Nothing like being gang raped by a bunch of Supermutants to ruin your day.


I also had to make up some mechanics to have the game make sense in a story format. We all know that one woman is not going to scrap and build an entire settlement in a day, and finding a small statue is not going to improve her in an instant. So I added some mechanics I hope will let the reader get the sense of scale, including the use of robots.


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