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CHAPTER 18-Misadventure in rorikstead



the morning arrives and you are awakened by the servant who asks you to dress and follow her, once ready, she accompanies you to the entrance of the villa , where you find the owner and the woman waiting for you, together with some guards and the jeweler, approaching them the owner says "complete your work properly, and now good trip!" so after saying goodbye to the woman you are helped by the guards to get on a carriage nearby and so the travel begins, after sitting down the jeweler says "it's a long journey, to get to my house in solitude it will take about 2 days, we should sleep in some inn at night. "
the first day of travel proceeds without problems, towards sunset you arrive at a small town called rorikstead, after stopping the carriage, you are helped to get off and you head towards the inn, once inside the jeweler says to the host "a table with four places and a room with four beds please "the annoyed host answers" where do you think you are? to the capital? sit where you find a place and order food! and as for the room we only have single rooms, you and your wife will have to sleep separate if you want to stay here tonight "so you sit on a table and the guards at another table, eat a decent meal, while you have dinner you see two men sitting at the counter looking at you talking to the host, but you try to ignore them, and one once you have finished dinner, the jeweler gives you a key saying "unfortunately they don't have rooms nearby, this is the key to yours, my room is on the floor below, lock yourself inside for safety, I don't like this place" so you take the key and go to your room, and passing by the counter you see that the two men from before are still looking at you, talking to each other, so you quickly reach your room and lock yourself in it, a very modest room, it reminds you very much the one in the brothel, but after a day sitting on a carriage even such a simple bed is enough for you to relax, so you lie on it and fall asleep immediately.
in the middle of the night you wake up, you really need to go to the bathroom, silently look out the door that there is no one, and so quickly you head to the bathroom, once you have made all your needs you go back to your room, the candle that illtminava the room in the meantime has turned off, so once inside the room you lock the door and decide to turn it back on, once you light the candle, from behind you you hear some noises, you turn around and illuminate the rest of the room, in front of you see two men! quickly try to reach the door to open it and escape, but the key is no longer there! so you hear one of the two men say "were you looking for this?" swinging the key in his hands, then you start slamming on the door to try to break it down screaming for help, but the other man grabs you by the arm and throws you on the bed saying "there is no point in yelling so much, the innkeeper is our friend, we made sure you're the only one on this floor, nobody can hear you! " so while one man keeps you stuck in bed, the other starts to lift your skirt, tearing off your panties, and slapping his cock in your vagina, starting to rape you, after a short time you hear the man who is holding you stuck say "move! i want to fuck her too!" the other man replies "shut up! i'm about to come! when i will be satisfied i will leave it to you!" finally after some time the man comes inside your vagina, once he has pulled out his penis you hear the another man say "good good! now it's my turn! come here to hold her still!" so the man gets up and locks you on the bed, so the other man grabs you by the legs and says "I don't want to put my penis where you already came! I take my ass!" so he opens your legs and easily slaps his penis in your anus, making you bend your back, so he also starts to rape your anus, coming into you without behavior, once he is satisfied he gets up and says to the other man " we should kidnap her and take her with us to the farm, she would be a good slave! " but as soon as the two men have finished talking you feel that something is slamming the door, the two men say "shit! I think they have those on the floor below they must have heard this bitch screaming!" after a few slams you see the door fall and the two guards enter the room and the jeweler, who says "guards! kill those men!" so the guards with a blow kill the two men instantly, then the jeweler approaches you and tells you "I am mortified that I was not able to get there earlier, the innkeeper had closed us inside our room. We also had to break through that door, but now quiet, I will take you to safety, so the jeweler helped by the guards will pick you up and bring you back in the carriage, once both you and the jeweler are inside the carriage you hear him say to the guards "enter the inn and kill the innkeeper! then set fire to the whole inn!" so once they done, they return to the carriage to restart the travel toward solitude,leaving, you realize that the dawn has now come.


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