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[Screenshots] !!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALO 3!!!

Agent Tex


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Modded Halo 3 on MCC is the best Halo 3 EVER! - Aria Bal


Halo 3 was my childhood, it came out in 2007 and I had beaten Halo 1 and 2 like 100 times already by then.


So on Christmas day I got Halo 3 as well as the new Xbox 360 and played it to death, like I actually scratched my disc till it was unplayable and had to get it repaired oh and my 360 had the red ring of death.




Did you know Halo 3 had Female OSDT's? Neither did I till I tried this mod out

sjyhvFgZ_o.png Iy0ilFyQ_o.png 1MlwM61j_o.png

Could you tell what rank this brute in Halo 3? Me neither but now you can. He is a Major Brute btw


More ODST's!

Pd6Ap6vl_o.png  Epic cutscene!
3u68BlX4_o.png oAbwjMt6_o.png LKUnnfCu_o.png EgczlltX_o.png Lh8UU91E_o.png


mGyzeMLD_o.png 4d0CI96Q_o.png

Notice the ODST squad that kicked butt?

LwnEIFjv_o.png H8ovlc5G_o.png GNDuusUv_o.png zmxoxnTR_o.png SQ3kEXh4_o.png DKMKhezd_o.png

Alright so, allow me to introduce you to Rtas 'Vadum aka Shipmaster. He was my favorite Elite in Halo 2 and 3 so before I was known as Agent Tex was I known as Shipmaster

52ae1LnV_o.png o4ptdkeW_o.png T9kmrEHE_o.png lScZpeXY_o.png RtK0wm7R_o.png HHqXJCw2_o.png

!!!BEST FLOOD MISSION EVER!!!FG1l9uBg_o.png sJXMUkrs_o.png

okXCtssR_o.png ouQLj8o1_o.png 26FpX3nO_o.png 0RNKO2YY_o.png Et4MSmfz_o.png 5MQyQN3V_o.png NafBWgzR_o.png


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