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A good looking Breton



I mentioned this in my last entry (here) that I finally managed to make a good looking Breton and thought I'd use her as clickbait to get you to look at this blog, don't worry there's an image of her in the last spoiler.


the first spoiler.


Also the only thing I'm really going to talk about. Thanks to the fact it was on free trial I ended up playing Pokemon Pokken tournement DX (from heron it shall be reffered to as Pokken) and I actually had a fun time with it, it's a fairly novel way of playing pokemon where they're all effectively fighting game characters. Hell I was enjoying myself so much with it I ended up buying it after the trial ended. HOWEVER there is one major issue I have with it and fighting games in general; the bullshit the AI can pull off which is why I don't generally play fighting games all that much. No this isn't me crying because the AI beat me it's me getting annoyed that the AI can do things that are physically impossible for a human to do (and ignoring its own rules) for example seamlessly switching from blocking to attacking (which in Pokken allows you to counter grabs, one of the few ways of breaking a block) which no human can do, not even someone who is the best in the world at fighting games there's too much delay that in the split second I hit grab that person will have to take their finger off the block button and then instantaneously hit an attack and noe one, no matter how fast their reflexes, can do that it's just not physically possible. As for the other bullshit it's the stagger in the game, it only affects the player controlled fighter I've been counter attacked mid combo (which for the AI results in me getting locked into that combo unable to do anything to break it) but whenever I try to do it I get no response and end up getting wailed on for longer than the AI would it's actually very annoying.


The last spoiler


Sorry she's not doing any sexy things, I know you perverts like that sort of thing but I'm not good enough at taking shots for that.





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