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[Screenshots] The Pirate Queen and Her First Mate

Agent Tex





Pirate Queen Tavia and her First Mate Maniika plunder and rule the seas from Stroks M'Kai Skyrim's Sea of Ghosts with their mighty Ship: The Serenity. Many sailors have meet their end due to these two and their mighty ship in battle. Others have found themselves in bed with the pair but only to find themselves walking the plank sooner or later because no one messes with these two and lives 



PIZNR4P7_o.jpg FSvY904o_o.jpg EffuvvlR_o.jpg 2bgRjYm4_o.jpg i7amFkxR_o.jpg ntlGuYsE_o.jpg GcFZurP6_o.jpg Rb3wa1WP_o.jpg yXSzfG3W_o.jpg 6o1CGkbR_o.jpg 6rXV3CET_o.jpg Im2weA6X_o.jpg UpLlJPkE_o.jpg H3e45jca_o.jpg WC2lfuLa_o.jpg


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