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[Screenshots] Black is my Color

Agent Tex


Mercy here!  

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  1. 1. Mercy's favorite color

  2. 2. Angela here! Please forgive Mercy, her heart is in the right place

    • Very well, all is forgiven
    • Nah, she is evil!

Master saw this and was like DAMM! Can you blame him?






ud12mFSe_o.jpg Z3vZDruJ_o.jpg taPhxZmm_o.jpg 4WoPAmlT_o.jpg ly6yni4H_o.jpg IyEHj4GH_o.jpg XYPmN3va_o.jpg bhAB6Q3Q_o.jpg wnOPwzm4_o.jpg fmSkYS3E_o.jpg lhthM32h_o.jpg 4wL9L3FU_o.jpg uX1XJ8tr_o.jpg WW7yVWtZ_o.jpg gfXyZ5DX_o.jpg zRc3wUpl_o.jpg f7R11ioI_o.jpg wnoODHpI_o.jpg IUQRAamo_o.jpg R62FMbiQ_o.jpg AYaNM0RC_o.jpg IurnGx5r_o.jpg FACU1MTE_o.jpg


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