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[Screenshots] Mileena's Words

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  1. 1. Do you or do you not surrender your soul to Mileena?

    • [Yes] I submit to you my Lady, I offer you my service and blood
    • [No] Screw you Vampire, I'd rather die then be your slave




Mileena Karlov

Greetings mortals, by your panic expression I see some of you have noticed that I am infact a Vampire. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Mileena Karlov and you are lucky I'm allowing you all to see me yet alone hear me, most mortals I encounter in here ether end up dead or on my dinner plate.


Mileena Karlov

But It is by Lord Molag Bal's will I speak to you now and do not slaughter you all for your lustful sight, yes I see you staring at my chest so do not pretend you dont!


Mileena Karlov

Now onto the matters of importance. 

But first I desire to know, are you afraid? Because If not, you will be afraid very very soon mortals, very afraid.


Mileena Karlov

You will bow to me Mortals, bow to your Queen and swear your loyalty to her, or you will feel my fangs ripping open your throat as I drink your blood while it still pumps though your body. So, obey Lady Mileena or you will feed Lady Mileena


Mileena Karlov

So think upon what I have said, surrender yourself and your freedom to your Vampirc Mistress or cut your boring life shorter then it already was


Mileena Karlov

Offer me your service so you may live a few more months, deny it and you will suffer my wraith!


Mileena Karlov

So, whats it gonna be Mortal?


Mileena Karlov

Surrender and serve me as a good little Thrall, or die and become food for me to eat. Either way, I get what I wan't from you



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