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An ongoing story of two girls setting out to experience life in the big city. 


NOTE: Chapters 1-31 originated on the link below, but because of the image restrictions now in place on the forums, I'm migrating them here. I'm pretty sure they are all in tact, but some images may have gone missing or out of order, but I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen. 


It's a slow process to get all 31 chapters moved over, so there's plenty more to take a look at below. Feel free to follow that thread or over here and would love feedback on either. Thanks! 



Entries in this blog

Season 3 Planning Question

I'm planning the upcoming season of Alina and Jalisa Take the City and I was thinking about implementing some changes, mostly for the better.    Specifically, I was wondering about how you, the readers, would prefer to have the sex scenes handled. Currently, like the rest of the story, these are handled via still shots. Sometimes, I feel like the still images do not do great animations from really skilled animators justice. When I try to make the animations stand out, the chapters kind
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