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A crossover Fallout 4/Skyrim novelization. The first Dragonborn was too much of a Nord. Courageous to a fault, even stupidly so, he attacked a dragon from the front and paid the price. Kynareth couldn't find another candidate on Nirn, though there was a possibility on another world. An intelligent courageous warrior of great skill who seemed to be everything that Nirn needed. Not waiting to ask permission, Kynareth pulled the candidate from Earth, infusion her with the aspect of Akatosh. After all, that aspect was still on Nirn, just waiting for another hero to take up the mantel.

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Chapter Twenty-one – Solitude

Solitude was as advertised. Not as large as the pre-war cities of Earth, of course. The farms started twenty miles out, on both sides of the road, interspersed with tracks of virgin forest. The stables were the largest so far, with room for a hundred horses. Nora stabled the horses, hired some guards, and took a full backpack with her, just like her friends. Their Khajiit friends were set up near the stables, doing a brisk business, and Nora went to talk with them before entering the city.




Chapter Twenty – The Light of Meridia.

The party approached the temple with the dawn, appropriate when Nora thought about it. There were steps leading up and a roaring fire that radiated heat, but no one around to tend to it. Nora could hear the faint singing of a Word Wall and headed in that direction. She found the curved wall out in the open, and on approach the word burned into her mind.   Su was the word, meaning air, and she understood that this was shout that would speed her arms in combat. While that seemed like a u




Chapter Nineteen – Dragonsbridge and the Road to Mount Kilkreath

It was three long days to Dragonsbridge. They should have got there halfway through the third day, but another fort was in the way, with more Necromancers.   The locals must have ways around, thought Nora, who had seen many paths leading off the road to this point. Problem was, there was a bridge over a river less than half a mile from the fort. And she didn't know the fords or bridges, if any, either up or down the river. She didn't want to explore the wilderness in this area, so it w




Chapter Seventeen – Vampire Lord

Jarl Idgrod the Elder sat back in her throne, reading the journal that Nora had delivered to her.   “This is grave news indeed,” said the Jarl, closing the journal and looking at the woman who had become her champion. “Movarth Piquine is an evil that my predecessors thought they had taken care of for good. If he has returned we are all in grave danger.”   “We need to deal with him, now, my Jarl,” said the steward.   But not you, thought Nora, looking at the well-dre

Chapter Sixteen – Morthal, and Vampires.

Morthal proved to be a sleepy town of about a hundred buildings, probably less than a thousand people. Tiny for a Hold capital. There was a gate, and a partial wall, but much of the town's defenses revolved around the stretches of water resulting from the huge marsh to the north. Many of the houses sat on stilts, and boardwalks connected strings of them. Numerous boats were tied to the many docks, and men and women carried fish and crustaceans into the town. A mill sat just outside the town, and

Chapter Fifteen – The First Death

Damn, it's cold, thought Nora as she sat her horse along the road north. This was the sixth day on the road, moving in the direction of Dawnstar. Nora thought she would visit that hold capital eventually, but not now. They had stopped at an inn in a small town the day before, so everyone was clean and well rested, though tonight would be another camp in the woods.   Annekke had come with them, requesting some adventure while she could get it. Nora had been impressed with the ranger and

Chapter 14 -Necromancers

The journey from Darkwater Crossing went well, at first. They made a much larger footprint on the road with the addition of three people, their horses and a dozen pack mules loaded with fine corundum ore. Which led to the problem of trying to move quickly and stealthily over the road, and failing miserably.   Annekke Crag-Jumper and two of the guards from the mining community came with them. Annekke wore a good set of leather armor and handled her sword and bow with expertise. Nora had

Chapter Thirteen - Eldergleam

Darkwater Crossing was a two-day ride from Ivarstead along some good roads, or as good as they got in Skyrim. Most of the stretches were stone, with some small lengths of mud. They saw frequent patrols of guards and Nora remarked on their presence.   “Probably protecting the pilgrims on the way to Ivarstead,” said Toccara, watching as a family walked along with packs on their backs. “Hoping to hear news of the savior.”   “Well, they can hear the news from someone else,” said

Chapter Twelve – The Way of the Voice

Four old men in grey robes approached as soon as Nora stumbled through the door, stopping, her followers backing up behind her.   “Sorry,” she said, moving in so they could get into the warmth.   “So, another Dragonborn comes to High Hrothgar,” said one of the men, his beard truly grey. “I hope this one will show more wisdom than the last.”   “I am here to learn how to use the voice,” said Nora, bowing in the fashion of a karate student. “And I was told that you are

Chapter Eleven – Ivarstead

Three more days on the road, traveling around the base of the huge mountain. They spotted a fortress on the first day full of mages, the bodies of Stormcloaks hanging from the battlements.   “Necromancers,” had whispered Eldawyn. “Best we steer clear.”   Nora had wanted to get rid of the evil bastards, but she had to admit that this might be more than they could handle, and she wanted to arrive at High Hrothgar alive. So they had taken a high road up along the slope of the mo

Chapter Ten – On the Road to High Hrothgar

Three days later Nora was ready to get on the road to High Hrothgar. Eldawyn had been busy enchanting and offered her craft to the party for free. Nora wouldn't hear it, and insisted on paying now that she had the funds. So every mage in the party had a ring that increased their magicka and made it easier to cast Destruction spells. Everyone also had another ring that increased their healing rate and gave them more health, Nora wasn't sure she needed that, but Eldawyn had insisted that it would

Chapter Nine – Silver Moon Camp.

It had taken two more days to reach the camp, what would have been a day if they had been riding. Which meant a week of walking back to Whiterun. Nora was finding out just how big this world was. She shouldn't have been surprised. A whole world, and Skyrim was only part of it. A large region of the old United States sized part, approximately the old South, but still only a small piece. Now the horses were tethered in the camp five miles behind, and they were here, at the edge of the woods overlo

Chapter Eight – Back On The Farm

Hancock jumped out of the vertibird before it actually touched down, impatient to get in and talk with the people he had come to see. The crew chief of the bird looked at the ghoul askance, reminding the Vice President of the Commonwealth that attitudes didn't change overnight. The Brotherhood of Steel, under Sarah Lyons, was not the same organization as it had been under Elder Maxson. But a generation of hunting ghouls, feral or civilized, had left a mark on the best of them. But now they were

Chapter Seven – Forming a Party

The Companions had their reservations about Nora's new partner and she really couldn't blame them. She was small, smaller than Nora, and wore what looked like chic pirate clothing. They eyed the twin ebony blades on Recorder's side and the bow of the same material on her back.   “At least she's a rich novice,” said Aela, looking over the woman. “I have reservations about her choice in protective wear though.”   Aela lost her reservations when a score of bandits came out of th

Chapter Six – The First Word

Two weeks had gone by quickly. Nora had been busy, between the magic, bow and sword lessons. She fell into bed every night from exhaustion, taking just enough time to feed her metabolism.   Two more dragons had fallen to her suit and weapons, and the Gatling laser was almost out of ammo. Which would leave her with her pistol, rifle and seven rockets for her launcher. She had seen the big black bastard of a dragon as it raised another, and had watched in disbelief as it had shrugged off

Chapter Five - The First Dragon

Nora looked up at the sky, zeroing in on the dot that occupied that area. She zoomed in, and the dragon became clear. She didn't have a sense of scale, but the HUD was indicating that the object was at least a hundred feet from wingtip to wingtip. It was blue in color, not the red that she was expecting. And it was turning in the air, banking onto a course that would bring it right at them.   “It's blue,” she said, looking over at the elf. “What can I expect from it?”   The e

Chapter Four – Whiterun

“I need to see her. Immediately.”   Nora woke to that loud and strident voice, the memory of the night before making her smile despite the rude awaken. Then the thought of R4, dying as she tried to protect her president, soured her expression and tears started rolling down her face.   “She's indisposed,” said Delphine, her voice firm. “You can wait until she's presentable.”   “She's the Dragonborn, and I have orders to take her before the Jarl, at once.”  

Chapter Three – Civilization

Nora had debated on whether or not she should walk into the village in her power armor or not. She couldn't be sure they would be friendly to strangers, and the armor would give her absolute protection. However, it would make an impression she might not want. The people would have to be frightened if she came stomping in wearing a ton or more of mechanism. So she compromised and crept in using her nanosuit on invisibility mode. She would get a read on these people before revealing herself.

Chapter Two – A New World

Nora opened her eyes, her stomach still flip flopping from whatever that had been. A bad dream? Hallucinations from some unknown drug? Whatever it had been, it could not have been real. Could it?   The world before her eyes looked very real, in a very unreal manner. A lush forest, a clear rushing river. Snow capped mountains all around. Birds singing. She started as a stag bound into view. Something was wrong with it, and it took her confused mind some moments to figure out what it was

Chapter One: The Coming of the Dragonborn

Jarl Balgruuf the Greater looked down on the smoking body of the hope of the world in disgust. This was supposed to be the hero that would save them all from the World Eater, Alduin. And now there was nothing standing between the destroyer of worlds and the end.   Why, Kynareth? he silently raged. Why send us another stupid Nord warrior? Balgruuf himself was a Nord warrior, but he considered himself a thinker, especially since he was far beyond his prime.   The Dragonborn, on

Intro to the world.

Something I have always wanted to do was write in the worlds of Skyrim and Fallout. This is my first attempt, if not my first attempt at writing, since I make my living doing this. The Dragonborn is dead, and Kyne searches the multiverse for a replacement, finding Nora, the Sole Survivor and now president of the Commonwealth. She spirits the woman to Tamriel, where she must learn a new ways of fighting, aa well as command of the magic of the land. But the alliance she has left behind is looking
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