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Adjusted FCOM Armors for DMRA BBB


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1) FCOM Convergence/FCOM Diverse Guards (recommended FCOM v1.0)

2) DMRA BBB Vanilla armors/clothes/robe replacer (recommended DMRA BBB Complete Clothing and Armor Replacer by Nephenee13)



Just drop the esp to Data folder and tick it in Wrye Bash.

Make sure Adjusted Armors for DMRA BBB.esp is below Bash Patch otherwise my fix won't work.


This is minor fix/walkaround for a few FCOM armors/robes/clothes that don't appear to be DMRA. I also change some Imperial City female guards to look more enjoyable - nothing outstanding though. I used existing models - I didn't convert or created any new models.



-Female Imperial Palace Guards now wear DMRA BBB Imperial Palace Guard Cuirass

-Changed Guard Chainmail Cuirass model to Imperial Steel Cuirass (female model only)

-some Imperial female guards have refreshed appearance (face only)

-replaced Unfinished Iron Cuirass with DMRA BBB Iron Cuirass (Sept 26 Update)

-replaced Unfinished Worn Iron Cuirass with Iron Cuirass (Oct 5 Update)

-replaced Worn Steel Cuirass with Steel Cuirass (Oct 5 Update)

-Composite Cuirass (from Francesco) now has look of Amelion Ceremonial Cuirass (Oct 11 Update)



-As result some female non-DMRA armor don't make entry into the game.


[spoiler=Refreshed Look]





-Bethesda Softworks

-All people who contributed to FCOM Convergence

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