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Selective Companionship?

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Hey guys, i'm using a lot of follower mods that makes you able to hire them from the get go for free. So i decided to make a patch for some of these that should make it so that when you are not from their race, you will not be allowed to get them (unless you can convince them "otherwise", no not in THAT way. If you have a "give gifts" mod you can give them something to like you more for example). Is there such function in creation kit? If so how can i apply these?

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6 hours ago, Jinxxed0 said:

Sounds like something that could be scripted. I would start by checkout out the mod that lets you hire NPCs maybe. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79584


Or any other mod that gives dialog to certain NPCs. I wouldn't know personally.

Thanks. Yeah, after thinking more about it i also thought about scripting it would be better. I mean imagine that playing a certain race would affect who would come with you from the get go or whom yu have to convince to go with you before joining you. Currently i'm playing a bosmer and apparently bosmer and khajiits don't get along very well so maybe that kat follower from the caravans won't be likely to follow you. Ofcourse this example isn't exactly valid because he already has something to come with you. The idea i have is making something like this as an addon for some of my (and maybe others) follower mods.


edit: btw do you know abut some tutorials i could use? The only thing i was ever capable of doing was making a light switch and a teleport spell. That's all i know abut scripting. I also know how to directly change any dialogue branches because i had to corret a mod some time ago because of all the spelling errors.

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If it'd only be based on race, then maybe the mod would have to set it where the vanilla disposition system is altered based on your race. I think by default it's at 1 for most NPCs and 0 or -1 for enemy NPCs and when you do a quest for them or buy from them, it goes up and people always make their followers at either 3 or 4 just so you can recruit them right away.


So once you figure that out, the problem would figuring out how to get that relationship rating up. In vanilla, i think they only way to do it is by doing a quest for that NPC or related to that NPC. But since not every NPC is affected in that way, it'd be hard to improve your relationship with some of them. I could be wrong, but i think when you're the thane or maybe do a quest for the jarl of a certain hold, people in the hold like you more. So maybe that'd be a way to do it. For modded followers though, they might not in the right factions and then you have some followers who are custom races.


Anyway, I know there's a mod that make race matter a little. I think it's an economy mod that made it so that depending on your race, merchants would either give you a discount, regular price or higher price.  I can't remember the name of it though.


As for tutorials, the only ones I've been following are by darkfox. There was also one on youtube I found for making a pool that took off NPC's clothing when they entered it. Other than that, I haven't looked at any scripting stuff.

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