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Adding bodyslide sliders to a body that's a .osd file

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So the normal bodies that get downloaded have an xml file in the sliderset folder and the .bsd files in the shape data folder. This body only has a .osp file in the slider set folder and a .osd file in the shape data folder. I can edit the .osp to put the lines in for the sliders but adding the new .bsd files for the sliders to the shape data folder doesn't work because all of the sliders are inside the .osd file. Is there a way to extract the sliders from the .osd and have them all show up or add the files in to the .osd?


Whenever I try to edit the .osd file, it just shows up as computer language and so do the .bsd files. I haven't found anything online to be able to edit these and if anyone knows anything, that would be of great help.

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