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Game crashes when starting WW sequence

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I haven't played in a while, and yesterday I updated the game, the WW files, as well as MCCC. I keep getting "Last Exception" pop-ups. I've removed and replaced mod files, and I can't isolate the cause. Now whether or not I have MCCC in my mods folder or removed, my game will crash when initiating a WW action.

I have attached my most recent crash file as well as my most recent exception file.



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Pregnancy Mega Mod is causing the last exception:



Failure: 'Pregnancy Scan' (Pregnancy Scan) (ImportError: No module named 'interactions.utils.pregnancy')

MTS_java7nerd_1498928_PregnancyScanandReseedv2.0.zip/Pregnancy Scan.py


You don't actually need this mod anyway, as Wicked Whims deals with pregnancy. 

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