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Animations not running

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Guys, I install many mods, a long time ago I used every this mods and work perfectly but now I`m using and animations not running, I have a sexlab eager that add a magic SLEN Masturbate, so I use this nothing happen but I receive a pleasure buff, on console a get the message Startsex() failed add actor to the thread, I look papyrus log and all is done, but on the last line have 

JSON Loading: Data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/../StorageUtil.json
JSON: File does not exist, init empty root object...

Somebody help me to understand whats happening.

The last time that I try install this mods I had the same problem but I dont know how but I fix, this time I dont know what to do, I dont understand papyrus messages


Sorry if have any mistakes on my english, I brazilian and not fluent on english

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