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Adult Magazine Rack 1.0

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Hello everyone, Sandy cheeks here with my first in-game mod! I am excited!

Playboy Sims is the very beginning of a line of sex mods by me, scheduled to be released within the next few weeks!
I am kicking these mods off with a decorative, adult magazine rack. The initial plan was for these magazines to be readable,

however, that is not yet an option. I will have to tinker with the rack and some other game packs to get these things readable

but they will be soon!  However, for now, enjoy this magazine rack in your sex shops-- or your rooms? Whatever!
The mod can be found in decorations under Adult Magazine Rack.
What can you look forward to from Mrs. Cheeks in the next few weeks?



Pornstar Career Mega mod



This mod will be released here sometime in the next three weeks. Want early access!? Support my Patreon, help me kick off my modding Career, and support the LoversLab website!
Partreon link: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6178861


Adult Underworld Mod


This will be a mod that I am working on later, probably in the next few months after I finish the first one.

In the meantime, enjoy this little package file, and give thanks to all of the girls for their tireless work! Now Shannon on the far right can go on a much-needed maternity leave!

Is There An Adult mod you'd like to see?
I'm taking request via inbox, comments, or Discord server. Let me know, and I might just integrate it into one of the mods above.
Thanks so much for your feedback!

Adult Magazine rack 1.0.package

Sims 4 Screenshot 2018.04.01 -


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