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Spider-Man Fucks the Marvel Universe - V2


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Spider-Man Fucks the Marvel Universe - V2


Hi, WeirdSea here, I'm making a game. A visual novel and a parody, the story takes place in the Marvel Universe, your goal is to have sex with as many superhero as possible. You play as Miles Morales, the other Spider-Man.


Download links are on top of this page: https://www.patreon.com/weirdsea


What's in it?

Right now the game is pretty basic, I plan on adding a lot of different elements (mini-games, a bigger story, etc). And as many characters from the Marvel univers as I can. Kinks are pretty varied, depending on the characters. And you can obviously give ideas, propositions on what you'd like to see in future updates (playing as Peter Parker is already planned, it's been asked a lot).


Current release

• 4 Women (and a few others with less content).

• More than 20 entirely different sex scenes.

• A map of New York, for all the cartography enthusiasts.


In the Future

My plan is to do a new release each month. We're currently on the second release.

Don't hesitate to give me any feedback! And I hope you enjoy the game.






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