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Endowed/Pandora's Box

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So I'm going to attempt to make my first trait/mod.  Thus far it's been slow rolling because I SUCK @ most things technology. So until I get my -ish together I'm just gonna throw this request up there and if someone beats me to it...so be it lol


Soooooo, as I sit at school on those crappy hard plastic chairs, I noticed a throbbing that was the result of a rather....ummm vigorous... WooHoo'ing the night prior and I thought my Sims should have to deal with this if I have to; they get WAY more action than I do.  So I propose 2 new traits.  


#1: Endowed- I would love to see this designed to work with WickedWhims, With this trait, whenever a sim with a penis WooHoo's the next day the person who got WooHoo'd would notice the aforementioned throbbing.  Maybe at  -2 uncomfortable.  This could also work in conjunction with the/a "self-assured" trait.  Sims who are self-assured and have a sex skill higher than 4 would be able to buy the trait endowed. The Endowed trait would also provide +2 confidence and would appear early in the morning or when out at a bar.


#2: Pandora's "Box" - is the female counterpart to Endowed.  Whenever someone sleeps with a female sim with this trait, their romantic rate grows @ 3x.  This could also lead to a confidence boost following sex of +3. This trait will also work in conjunction with "self-assured" and be available for purchase if your sex skill is higher than 3. This hopefully would work with WickedWhims.





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