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Stop combat mod during the sex - request

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The thing that pisses me off more and more is whenever I have sex with female redguard or any other female from bandit, warlock and other fraction that I met on the road, every freaking Skyrim NPC who pass by and isn't friendly, attack and kill the women during the sex. My question is: is someone willing to make simple mod that will "blind" or "ignore" enemy fraction until I finish the job. Jesus. Who like to be interrupted during sex and especial when having orgasm?! I don't care if they will attack them and kill after the sex, but those 90 seconds of Skyrim sex is valuable to me. Sometimes, killing the NPC during the sex causes lags, not often, but enough that beside being interrupted during the sex makes me mad too.

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Is it really that hard to make a difference between ADULT and NON-ADULT contributions or requests??? This is the NON-ADULT area!!! 


Read more and more unquestionably adult content in the NON-ADULT area! -Is there also intelligent life on this site? Am I the only parent here???

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