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Please help.

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1 hour ago, Simite said:

You need to download Sims 4 Studio http://www.sims4studio.com/ 


Create a free profile for the forum and then download the latest version of S4S for your operating system, then when you have it installed use the batch fixes in the tools drop down menu and select Fix CC for Cats and Dogs. This will fix most of your CC to work on the latest version of Sims 4.

that seems like a lot of unnecessary stuff to do

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14 hours ago, chora said:

that seems like a lot of unnecessary stuff to do

Yeah well its the best way to make sure all your CC is up to date, unless you feel like personally contacting the hundreds possibly thousands of CC creators stuff you downloaded and asking them to update there files for the latest version. So either you do a whole bunch of batch updates for the many mods and cc you want or many many people all individually update there one files each. Which do you think sounds more unnecessary now?

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