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Nifskope corrupting femalebody_0.nif

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I'm trying to start animating with blender using the guides I found here, but when I try to edit femalebody_0.nif User Version or User Version 2 in Nifskope and save, I still can't select the nif in blender import and when I try to reopen the nif in Nifskope, it fails to load and shows:


[0] Array Properties invalid

failed to load block number 0 (NiNode) previous block was NiHeader

Failed to load E:/nif files/femalebody_1.nif

failed to load block number 2 (NiTriShapeData) previous block was NiTriShape

Failed to load E:/nif files/femalebody_0.nif


Can someone please help?


Edit: Issue solved after using Nifskope ver. 1.1.0 rather than the most recent version 2.0


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