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ctd crash

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46 2e     SexLab-AmorousAdventures.esp


This mod should be loaded near the end of your mod list just before


106 6a     Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
107 6b     Alternate Start - Live A Deviant Life.esp



86 56     XPMSE.esp


You must be sure that nothing overwrite the skeleton file.


But the most importantwhen do your crashes occur? And what mod manager do you use? NMM, or MO? Can you give us more details? This will help us greatly to guide you better.

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0.) SKSE (This has to be said trust me)

1.) ENB (you can turn off visual effects and maintain the fixes)

2.) Crash Fixes (READ THE DESCRIPTION AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS Under how to install memory allocation patch)

3.) Load Game CTD Fix (Its a plugin not a mod fixes crashes when starting up an old game)




1.) You have brawl bugs CE.esp mod, but that is an older version that doesn't really work download this instead https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77465

2.) You have XFLMain.esm mod, and you know there is a new version out for like 2 years under a new name https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12933/

3.) There is a fix for BeeingFemale here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/35269-beeingfemale/?page=201&tab=comments#comment-2043602 its a bug fix.

4.) Now for prostitutes.esp just remove it.




1.) Use quicksaves or autosaves ; Because its can cause potential problems.

2.) Uninstall or install or update mods mid play-through ; Because scripts can get baked into your save game causing stack-dumps or learn the proper way to uninstall.

3.) Use Papyrus INI tweaks ; without going into detail it will basically ruin your save overtime.




1.) Use Mod Organizer

2.) Try my balanced INI Files skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini (Make sure to change to your videocard/resolution)

3.) Make sure to keep your mods updated with the latest version.

4.) Learn about WryeBash (Bashed Patch)


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sorry to give an answer so lately

thanks for your advise

now i can say it works almost fine some ctd but not really often

my only problem is with wryebash

i install it, create a patch but the game was freezed on the skyrim's logo so i deactivate it and it works fine

1 little things CTD Fixes tell me each time i launch the game that "ExpandSystemMemoryX64 must be set too false in enblocal.ini"

Do i have to correct it ?

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4 hours ago, Outerheaven77 said:

my only problem is with wryebash

i install it, create a patch but the game was freezed on the skyrim's logo so i deactivate it and it works fine

Rebuild your patch and open up TES5Edit in MO then load all the plugins you normally play with. Now, right click each one and scan for errors. If anything pops up in TES5Edit you will know which plugin is the problem.


4 hours ago, Outerheaven77 said:

1 little things CTD Fixes tell me each time i launch the game that "ExpandSystemMemoryX64 must be set too false in enblocal.ini"

Do i have to correct it ?



In enblocal.ini:


Read this nice little ENB Background guide, could be useful if you want to go more in depths.


And here another useful thing coming from TES5Edit especially if you have a heavily modded Skyrim, as LOOT is not a magic wand:

TES5Edit has an option to "apply filter to show conflicts". So, load up your load order, select all mods, right-click, apply that filter and start working on making a manual patch to resolve as many of the red entries as necessary. Make this before rebuilding your patch. You can find a lot of tutorials about this on YouTube.

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1 hour ago, Fifoo said:



In enblocal.ini:

that part is done


1 hour ago, Fifoo said:

TES5Edit has an option to "apply filter to show conflicts". So, load up your load order, select all mods, right-click, apply that filter and start working on making a manual patch to resolve as many of the red entries as necessary. Make this before rebuilding your patch. You can find a lot of tutorials about this on YouTube.

about that :

i have 25 in red including officials esp (update/dragonborn/dawngard/hearthfire)

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On 10/03/2018 at 2:47 AM, Outerheaven77 said:

about that :

i have 25 in red including officials esp (update/dragonborn/dawngard/hearthfire)

Not every conflict you see in TES5edit is bad. When you have two or more mods that want to change the same variable, it's the lower one in the load order that is going to win. What matters is when a conflict blocks an intentional change that you wanted.


"TES5Edit has literally no idea what the mods you load into it are "supposed" to do. It can't tell if a conflict will break a mod completely or not. A Critical Conflict is, simply a record that is completely overwritten by a later loading one. This can be perfectly fine, or it can break a mod entirely. It just depends." - Quote by Nephenee13.


As you can see, this gives an idea of how difficult it is to resolve conflicts sometimes: the processus requires caution, lot of practice and rigor from the user, and especially a good understanding of how mods interact with each other and what corrections need to be made. If you're not sure if you should resolve a conflict, then don't.


On 10/03/2018 at 3:38 AM, Outerheaven77 said:

with tes5edit i can't clean update.esm i have the "error could not rename" and i've tried everything

Just to be sure: assuming you haven't cleaned the Skyrim.esm as this is a No-no way! If this is the case, you'll have only three procedures at your disposal: first, to restore a backup file, and if you don't have one, second will be to verify the game cache in Steam and check load order from the DATA section of the splash screen: Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn, HR textures 1, 2, 3. If those procedures don't work or give you any errors, third and last ressort will be to redo a Clean Install of the game at a vanilla state.


"error could not rename"


First control the paths to all the tools and files involved and also determine the level of UAC that you OS has imposed. If that's not enough, go to properties of your Skyrim folder with your explorer and unselect "read only". Go to the "security tab" and change the permissions of "All Application Processes" to "Full Control". Then run TES5edit as administrator and you should be able to save the new cleaned mod.


Hope you know perfectly what you are doing with cleaning Master files, cleaning Mods plugins, etc ... if you aren't sure about all the process, stop here and follow these steps.



Load order and Cleaning Master files:


1. Make a Game Backup BEFORE:


Please do so, as doing all this stuff could screw up your entire game if not performing well. Before doing a complete backup of your SKyrim game, best would be to have your game files in a clean state and not corrupted by a previous modding session. This could be tricky when using NMM. But you'll have to redo all the steps you have done so far: ini settings, downloading, installing mods.

Within MO you can deactivate and unistall all your plugins and easily regain a clean state. After making your backup, install the latest version of all the pre-requisite tools: LOOT, TES5Edit, Wrye Bash, etc ...


Guide:Make Skyrim Vanilla Again

Resetting Skyrim to Vanilla or A Clean Reinstall


2. Cleaning the Game Master Files:


Skip this essential step and your heavy modded game will not performing well and/or will lead to problems, this is garanteed. Never, ever clean the Skyrim.esm. The Unofficial Patches will not need any cleaning too, they are already done, and the remaining ITMs in those plugins should be left alone because they do have a purpose. GamerPoets has made an excellent video tutorial about how to clean your Master files, for NMM and MO users.


xEdit : TES5Edit , FO4Edit, ect... : Start to Finish : 1.0

[Guide] Skyrim - Manually Cleaning Master Files


The sequence of cleaning Mods plugins should be made after you have performed your Load Order correctly.


3. Organizing your Mods - Mods Load Order:


For people downloading heavy list of mods, activating them in one time after partially reading descriptions, mods requirements, comments on mods authors' pages, just for the sake of gaining time to play their favorite game in the few hours that follow ... and at the end that are asking for help: doing so without a single preparation will make you the best candidate to CTD and T-poses, errors, instability, corrupted savegames, and so on.


Here is a quote from missjennabee that resume well the situation: "Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires".


The safest way will take you plenty of time to do so - it could be a tedious process, but in the end you might find it really rewarding. The next time you'll want to mod your game for playing another or perhaps completely different playthrough, you'll have a good knowledge on how to perform it in a good and more effective way.



   Suggestion on how to perform a testing mods session:


Skyrim vanilla Master files + DLC + Load Game Main menu (splash screen) to generate vanilla ini's settings. Check load order from the DATA section of the splash screen: Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn, HR textures 1, 2, 3. Setup the game on Ultra, High, ... must be what your hardware can handle, and validate your settings. Quit the Main menu and don't go in game for now. Most important: deactivate all autosave options in ini's settings. Backup all vanilla Game files and ini's. Start your game. When the Character creation menu pop-up, just name your avatar something you want, like "Test" for example and don't change anything. Go through the intro sequence until your character's hands are no longer tied up. Don't change your character appearance, nor clothes or weapons, do nothing and stay without looting, engaging conversation, etc ... and wait a little, let some scripts do their job. Only at this specific time make a Clean vanilla Savegame. This save file will serve for testing purpose later on and should never be overwritten. Quit the game to your desktop.


Download and activate SKSE + Memory crash fixes + Requirements + Apply Recommended ini's settings + Unofficial Skyrim patches. Clean the Master files, make a Backup. Reboot. Start the game and load the Clean vanilla Savegame. Don't move and don't touch anything, let the scripts loading in the background for a moment and then save the game in a new slot named Base Test Savegame + Intensive test in game, check: Ok. If all good: don't save, never overwrite that save, same as the first save you made. Quit the game to the desktop and go to the next install steps. Reboot before making another test session. If errors/problems: Resolve and fix memory issues, change ini's settings if needed, after that load the Clean vanilla Savegame and Redo intensive test until your base game is good to go, don't save. Quit the game and reboot.


Doing so will allow you to have a new session with a maximum of available memory, and above all, in which no trace of the previous one resides, thus avoiding you to possibly encounter problems of corruption and/or memory saturation.


Download and activate Bug-Fix type Mods, check: Ok, if conflicts: Resolve. Download and activate Game Structure and/or UI Mods + requirements, check: Ok, if bad load order and/or conflicts: Resolve. FNIS + Racemenu + Character Appearance Mods (For NPCs and Self) + Skeleton and all requirements (loaded before the Skeleton - NMM users: Skeleton should load in the late sections of your modded game), generate your FNIS Output file. Check: Ok, if CTD/freeze/T-Pose = Missing requirements, bad Load order, resolve problems. Remember that each time you add/remove/update FNIS related mods, animations, Skeleton, you'll need to generate the FNIS Output file.


Load the Base Test Savegame and test intensively your game every time you activate a group of mods. Group of mods = Mod + all his requirements in the correct Load order. When something goes wrong, try to fix conflicts/errors before going further. If you have anything that must be changed and modifies the Base Test Savegame, load the Clean vanilla Savegame instead. Never overwrite these two savegame files ... and so on.


Without testing you will have no clue whats causing issues. If problems persist in a group of mods, STOP there: you have read descriptions, comments on the mod page, try hard to resolve conflicts, asked for help, ... and problems always bug you. Get rig of the culprit and go find another mod alternative. See if the new mod and requirements are compatible with your mods list.


This is only a suggestion. Plenty of users have their own method to make a stable modded game environment, in which there are minimal conflicts between the mods used. Remember that you can have as many texture/mesh mods as your computer can handle but it's not the same for the number of plugins that could be loaded in game: Skyrim has hard coded limit of 255 esm/esp's.


With the appropriate tools and techniques you can bypass that limit by merging your plugins and patches. However, using these techniques require a good level of knowledge and are more destined for advanced users.



Cleaning Mods plugins and Resolving Conflicts:


1. Make a Game Backup BEFORE:


Assuming you have changed your Mod list and Load order. Make a complete backup of the structure of your game, this will allow you to recover your files in a healthy state if you happen to make the slightest mistake handling during the cleaning process.


2. Cleaning Mods and Cleaning Dirty Edits - CRC:


Now that the Master files are cleaned and the Load order is correct, it is recommended to clean your mods before performing the Bashed patch. Be careful when cleaning mods and be sure LOOT is up-to-date. See what the tool suggest you about Bashed tags and Dirty plugins and what should be done. You can go through the cleaning process using Automatic cleaning of ITMs and UDRs on all your mods plugins.


LOOT : Load Order Optimisation Tool

xEdit : TES5Edit , FO4Edit, ect... : Start to Finish : 1.0

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide - TES5Edit


Clean them with the last to load being the last to clean. Most will probably not need cleaning as mod authors should have done them already, and look out for any mod specific cleaning instructions in the mods description. Pay attention to the fact that mods like USLEEP are made in a way they contain Dirty Edits intentionaly left in them for correcting game bugs but this exception rule does not apply to all mods. In case of any doubt refer to the Mod author and ask.


Plugin Errors

TES5Edit - Fixing Errors

Skyrim Dirty Plugins List

Mods *not* to clean with TES5Edit


3. Resolving Conflicts - Basic learnings:


Basics of Resolving Conflicts - S.T.E.P. Project Wiki

TES5Edit Documentation

Color Schemas and Display Order

Conflict Detection and Resolution


Guide to make a patch for solving conflicts


4. The Manual method for Resolving Conflicts:


The manual method isn't a recommended technique to use unless you have a good understanding of TES5Edit and how the Mods are handling together. Mainly for advanced users.


Creating a Patch Plugin (Manual Method)

Skyrim How to Easily Check for Mod Conflicts Using TES5Edit - Demonstrated with RDO

Any way to see every esp conflict in Tes5Edit?


5. The Automated method for Resolving Conflicts:


Creating a Merged Patch (Automatic Method)

TES5Edit - Which record types DON'T need conflict patches

[Skyrim] TES5Edit - Records that merge at runtime



Merge plugins (optionnal) and Merge patches - Bashed patch:


1. How to Merge plugins:


This step is optional but very handy when having a heavy modded game. It allows you to merge ESPs and related patch to one, a technique made to bypass the hard coded limit of plugins that Skyrim can't handle. Beware that to merge plugins is a different thing than Merge patches and Bashed patch. With TES5Edit you can merge plugins by a manual way and the Mator Smash tool allow automatic scripting techniques to merge plugins. Both methods are mainly for advanced users.


Merge Plugins : Start to Finish

Guide:Merging Plugins

Mator Smash : Installation & General Use

[WIP] Mator Smash


2. How to Merge patches:


You've readed all the descriptions in this post, right? It's really important. Now build a Merge patch. After performing go through it, look for conflicts that sometime didn't correct properly, and fix them. After that you'll have to go through the rest of your mod order with the conflict resolution filter on, because the Merge patch script isn't perfect and doesn't pick up everything. You'll often find some changes that need to be added to your Merge patch.


xEdit Merged Patch : Skyrim SE & LE

Merged Patch Guide


3. Wrye Bash Bashed patch:


Making a bashed patch should be a final step before finally playing. Making a bashed patch before you install your mods and set a load order will have no effect.


Wrye Bash : Bashed Patch - Mod Organizer

Bashed Patch


When performed, the Bashed patch must be put at the very end of your mod Load order. There are few exceptions to this when you make a second Merge patch after the Bashed patch. The second Merge patch must be put then below the Bashed patch. And in case you've made even a single change, by updating, adding or moving anything in your mod list, you will need to make a new Bashed patch.



There you go! This is a huge post to read with all these (essential) links in abundance but I hope that you will find the answers you expect.

Et voila ! C'est un énorme post à lire avec tous ces liens (essentiels) à profusion mais j'ose espérer que vous y trouverez les réponses que vous attendez.

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i follow the instruction never skyrim only dlc + update

and also never clean mod without advise of the modder

i know u ask to be sure

about tes5 error i already have set the full control and running also as admin

my problem is to create patch bec i have sometimes 3 or 4 mod changing the same things and i don't know which one to set prior

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On 12/03/2018 at 4:44 AM, Outerheaven77 said:

my problem is to create patch bec i have sometimes 3 or 4 mod changing the same things and i don't know which one to set prior

Unfortunately I can not give you an answer because it will depend on your preferences. Try "in-game" to choose from the different mods you have selected.


If not validate the last one of the list so that it wins on the others. :classic_unsure:

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