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Anyone happen to have 83Willows 101Bugs mod laying around in their mod backups/storage? I checked the nexus a bit ago, after redownloading some mods, and I was looking for the mod because I have the Travel Lantern mod and would like to use it for the lantern and general atmosphere, but the mod was hidden. Could some kind sir/madam share a download or what-have-you with moi? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for aking for this Kyrien' date=' I just had to reinstall skyrim and managed to loose this along the way. Good to have it again, really adds to the atmosphere so cheers

cucatrap as well. I don't suppose anyone has the coloured dreadlocks 83willows also made?



You're welcome guys and glad to help ' date='the author banned? shame , thankfully keep the mod because many times I delete them and yes it's a really good mod.I don`t have the coloured dreadlocks sorry ,good luck!.



On the Wearable Lanterns mod page, it says 83Willows will be back sometime in October (forgot the exact date), so at least it's not a permanent ban, and hopefully updates will resume then.

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