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Hello my friend0s,


How to engage a sexual interraction with creatures using the SexLab Light SE? I have looked through all the magic and clothing stuff from SexLab Light SE but haven't still figured how.


Please help.

Which spell to use if I want my character to have some "fun" with a skeleton or a Falmer ifuknowwhatimean :blush:

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SexLab SE is only a platform for the usage of animations, sounds and the other parts of the package that comes with that stuff. In order to make an animation happen, you need to have different mods installed, such as SexLab Defeat SE (Makes it happen when you're about to die) or SexLab Matchmaker (Gives you two spells that you can fire at yourself and at your intended target in order to make sex animations happen).

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Ummm, I still couldn't figure how to trigger sex with creatures. I have:


-SexLab SE Framework

-SOS Schlongs Of Skyrim


-SL Pleasure

-Creature Schlongs

-SexLab Light SE

-SL Matchmaker Light SE


In oldrim there was a magic you could cast on a target and it would trigger sex with the creature and PC but now I can't figure how it works.


HELP PLEASE!:dissapointed:

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When you installed FNIS, did you make sure you also installed the FNIS Creature Pack? 


Note: In my setup, SexLab Matchmaker Light only worked with SexLab Light, it did not work with full SexLab Framework. However, the original MatchMaker works flawlessly for SE and although it is for the original Skyrim, it is still compatible. It might be a good idea to open it with the Creation Kit and simply save it (without making any changes). That way the form 43/44 thing won't be a scare.


I'm fairly certain this is your issue, as it was mine.


Happy fapping.

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Haha thanks for your reply Allegretto.


All I needed was simple instrucstions which I found in komotor's topic like "You need equip Matchmaker Target spell first then cast it on your target then cast the self spell on yourself and sheath your weapon and the scene will begin" I installed all the mods correctly but didn't know how to use them so to say..:astonished:



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