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Modified FF Race

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Doesn't this Race already exist?



Yes, but when I found the race, it had mismatching skin and a sad selection in hair and eyes. I simply went in and edited the textures and added a selection of new eyes and a solid collection of hairs.



What are the changes?



The race contains 11 new eye textures made by me and I've added the complete (well, its the one I found) SKS Ren hair collection, because a good race needs some good hair to go with it.


Below are some samples of what the race looks like ingame.











Note: The Hair in the screenies all use Sleepy D's wigs which are found in this thread.

http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=6633 (Scroll down and you will see a mediafire link).

(I believe there is another plugin that also contains the hair, though I don't know what it is.)


The screenshots have no gloss effects and have only been lightly edited with http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16323 , I use a light amount of contrast to help bring out the colors a bit more. Other sreenshots of mine found else have had a good dose of photoshop. (The top pic for example).






The Full Package ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?9onfcgp5qzfy7u5

The file is about 180 mb, but contains everything to get this race up and running.

Streamlined version ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?8kcfzobjh6wy086

This is the original upload, this doesn't contain any of the new hairs and only has a few included eyes, but maybe you wish to customize it to your liking, so this version is for you. Does contain my skin fix.


The Mouth Fix ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?mb083zd8b7c3aju

Here is the fixed mouth for everyone, special thanks to Bialge for helping me and the community out.


The Patch Package ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?y1d6dpaw5ec9xtq

The file is 161 mb, yikes. Trust me though the patch does contain some good stuff, but if you have a custom setup or don't want to install the SKS Ren pack, this is not needed.


NOTE: This file is officially obsolete, but kept for archiving purposes, because one never knows if there may be someone who had my very first version.


Savegame ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?qbx4pu6meui0n48

(for those that have issues with face exchange, nothing special, its at end of sewer).






This mod requires that you have:

A HGEC compatible body mod

A Custom Race Fix (can be found in Unofficial patch or on the Nexus)

A Copy of Oblivion (This is by far the most important, and no joke someone asked me this)







This mod is very easy to install:

Simply extract mod to a location of choice (desktop is a good place)

Then drag files into you Oblivion\Data folder.

Open up Obmm and activate Hair Styles Master and FF Race (careful with load order)


After playing with the mod, leave me a comment, I like to hear what you have to say and I like to see people appreciating my work, I put in a good deal of effort and time.If your shy, then just hit thank you button, that is more than enough.







Well if your uninstalling, it means I did something wrong , so plz send me a pm with a description why, so I can fix the mod.


To Uninstall Remove:



Oblivion\Data\Textures\Hair style

Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Hair style

Oblivion\Data\FF Race.esp and Hair Style Master.esm






People have experienced issues with the hairs clipping. This could be a result facegen sliders or the .egt files.

(Currently trying to figure out a permanent solution).


People have experienced mismatching skin textures, my suggestion is to either review your load order or download setbody mod

found here --->http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39966. This way meshes are the same and we can go from their to solve the issue.


Any other bugs feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer quickly and to the best of my ability.






My policy and view on stuff I do has always been and always will be if you want to use my work then go ahead. All I ask is credit is given to roro (I believe he was the first one to make mod) myself, and to the unknown author of the fix at 4chan. Go ahead and post the files where you want, reupload them, whatever just a word of caution and plz don't post these on the nexus, I'm not responsible for you losing your account at the nexus.






To Unknown Modder of interweb, thank you for making an awesome face texture and making a unique and lovely race.

To SKS Ren for his amazing hairs, by far the best on the net.

To All that pushed me to get off my ass and make the damn race.

To Bialge for finding the links.

To 4chan modder who made the fix.

To Lovers Lab for allowing me to host the mod and generally being by far the best community of people I have ever met.

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Hmmm, I don't believe so, but if there can be any issues then I'll be happy to remove the mod, I don't want problems.


The reason I made it was because when I found it there was mismatched textures, so I redid them. I also added some eyes that I modified.


Dam, knew I should have pm'ed you first.


EDIT: I found out where I got the original, it is from a Korean site


Still, if this breaks any rules then I shall remove it.

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I'm having a hard time reproducing the body mesh in the screenshots you posted. The upperbody seems DM to me, but the lowerbody has a thinner waistline and bigger hips than mine (apparently). Is it a custom-made mesh? Or is my mind playing tricks on me? She seems more petite overall.


Well, with or without answers your mod rocks, thanks a lot!

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Hello everyone :D


I've been getting some request for the race I use called FF Race.



Redone Skin textures

3 new eye textures

1 face template


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?8kcfzobjh6wy086











Note: The Hair in the screenies all use Sleepy D's wigs


(I believe there is another plugin that also contains the hair' date=' though I don't know what it is.)


Bugs: For some reason the mouth mesh has an issue. I've tried everything in my power to fix it.


Credit: Unknown modder of the interwebs, without you, this race wouldn't exist, thank you.


Hope you guys enjoy.



Very cool. Thanks! :)


When you say the mouth has an issue, are you talking about how it seems to be missing teeth? That's something I noticed on the original FF race mod.


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Well, I'm happy people enjoy the race, when I stumbled upon it I thought I just found El Dorado. 060.gif


Also, I did put in the readme that if the original owner of the mod (which could be anyone because there are several versions everywhere)

were to ask me to remove the mod I would. I mean this site is filled with content from around the world, so I don't know about where what I'm doing is wrong and what I'm doing is right.



Thank you, was getting worried that I did something wrong. Let it be a lesson to always pm my local moderator before releasing a mod.



Thanks, didn't think that the teeth would be missing....makes me feel dumb that I didn't try that.

I'll see if that fixes the problem.



The body I use is found in the setbody mod.

Its the first DMRA body found in the speedbuster menu list.

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To play it safe your can always upload the [tweaks] only and let us questing on the original mod. X)




I'm not too worried at this point, if there was an issue I would have removed it. In part you and a few people at the nexus were the ones who made me decide to share my altered race, so I'll keep it up for everyone.


Update: The mouth issue is weird, I think it's a stray vertex in the mesh that's causing the issue because the mouth and eyelash meshes are present. So.... I don't know how to fix it because I have zero experience with meshes. I would be inclined to learn, but I can't find any good tutorials to start 3d modeling.

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Somebody could upload a complete savegame please, with the custom face? I dont care of the save itself, but oblivion face exchanger doesn't work (infinite loading while trying to open or change face file), and i would like to try with the import function of wrye bash, and i am needing a *.ess file


nevermind i installed oblivion face exchange somexhere else (c:\) instead of program files and it is working now, strange.


edit 2 : in fact, i still want it, i cant load savegame made with this programm (c++ runtime error...)

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Oh boy.... a response comment :P



I lol'ed, in a way it's true. I wish I can understand the sites rules a bit better so I can buy something on the site, but I get errors every time I go on...... :dodgy:



Well, I can make a save for you... was wondering if you use any alternative start mod so I can download it and make a save that's compatible.



It doesn't because it has it's own eye mesh, though I can see if I can make it compatible.



Thank you for the link, I'll look into it and try to make a fix.



Happy I can share it someplace :D

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.... i can break [armor set] into pieces let's say [boots, cuiras, graves and gloves]. so we can mix and match it with other armor set during the game.


These mods are privates, of course.


I ussually break one or two [oblivion heavens] or [Aion rose] armor into pieces set. then wear them as body part equip [boots, cuiras, graves and gloves] Till i got the perfect matchs.


:D Now we have this modified FF.race Everything is just Too sexy. Just too sexy~!!!! it's just too much.

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Yep, thats the bug that I found.....the only and most annoying bug.

I've tried to get it open in blender but I figured out something that is literally foreign to me..... :dodgy:


I would pay someone to fix it......seriously if it can be fixed.

This has been my favorite race ever, and it makes me sad that it at its current state is a poser race, something for screenshots.


Oh, also I'm trying to get a patch up by tonaight which will get in some more hair....because I know not everyone wants to use wigs.


Question : Do you guys want more eye colors like a purple or yellow?

If so it would push patch back but would be something that you guys can play with more.

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