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My custom follower lost his mouth


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Hey! :smiley:


In short: How do I "connect" a custom mouth (under "HeadParts") to a custom head in the CK?


In long: I need to use custom tri files (the Citrus head ones) on a custom follower head and this makes the mouth of this head "vanish" and I have to add it again. Thus I copied one under "head parts" (the argonian one, to be more specific, as it is an argonian follower) but now I can't find where to actually add it to the head for the life of me.

The head under "head parts" seems to have no (working) option, I can't add it to the "Extra Parts" list.

I can add it under "Additional Head Parts" in the Actor options but this has no effect either as the part is entirely missing when I export the mesh with strg+f4. But I can't find a vanilla mesh that has the mouth part added there, so it can be right anyways.


Of course I googled, but for some reason it seems to be a non-issue, as I can only find topics about custom races, not about a single actor. :frown:


Does anyone know what to actually do with the head part? I am quite certain I created it correctly, as I simply copied one of the already existing ones. But maybe I am entirely wrong. Or stupid. Or both.



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