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[REQUEST]Breeders of the commonwealth

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Just wondering if anyone is willing to make a mod based on this vid (long)




TL;DR mod based on two factions,

Breeders (females): job is to breed and get impregnated to repopulate the planet. 

Alphas(males): job is to spread their seed and dominate any females they come across. 


I know there are quest mods like boston breeder that do a similar thing but would like to see something with integration with FPE and RSE if possible.



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Would be ok if breeders replace synths i.e. the institute has created synths that will ensure the continuation of the human race.




Nora is the only breeder and her daughters carry her genes for breeding.

possibly include incest i.e. shaun breeds his female siblings as they are not contaminated by the fallout radiation.

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