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Firelight orange and washed out


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I'm currently doing some shakedown and trying to get to the bottom of the worst of the bugs in my game.


One that has become more and more apparent is that the lighting levels from campfires etc are incorrect.

They are very orange and rather washed out.


To demonstrate:





It's a lighting / colour palette issue of some kind, but beyond that I don't know how to go about fixing it. I run quite aggressive lighting and saturation levels - I like the world colourful, and I like being able to see what I am doing.


Other than fireplaces, the lighting seems pretty good - candles are about right for example, daytime is fine, and nighttime is ok when there ain't big fires about. Dawn/Dusk when the natural lighting takes on a more orange huw can also be problematic.


I use:

Immersive Saturation Boost

Vivid Weathers ENB

Enhanced Lights and Effects

Enhanced Lighting for ENB ELE

Hi Res Fire Effect

...and I think I've got the relevant patches for other mods.

Among many, many, many others which I hope are not related to this issue.


Despite the ENB mods, I'm currently using ENBoost rather than a full ENB for performance reasons. The ENB mods are a legacy of previous experimentation, and I assumed they would be fine with the ENB effects disabled. Please correct me if I'm wrong and need to go back and fully remove the ENB effects (there will be some legacy ENB effects in the skyrim folder as well but again - I assume these won't matter with Speedhack enabled.)



Can someone point me in the right direction for how I can fix?


Thanks in advance :smiley:



eta: Forgot to actually attach full modlist and load order. Now done.



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...damnit, no responses at all?


Not even sarcastic ones telling me I have spotted the obvious and that, yup, it's an issue with firelight being oversaturated.


Further playtesting has revealed that it's way worse than I thought and a problem everywhere. Firelight, even candlelight, is just washed out orange ugly. Bleak falls barrow was nowhere near as interesting as it should be.


But I'm not quite sure where I fucked it up, and therefore where to unfuck it. So suggestions - even 'check this really obvious thing you idiot' - gratefully received.

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