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[Request] The Real Barenziah dramatization quest mod

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Just an idea for any ambitious modder out here.


The Bard's College of Solitude plans to create a dramatization of this part from The Real Barenziah. They ask the dragonborn to look for actors to play the roles of Therris and Barenziah respectively. The dragonborn must then look for and convince one female Dark Elf and one male Khajiit to participate. These NPCs might give the dragonborn some radiant quest before they agree to act. Once both actors agree, then on a specified date people will gather at the Bard's College amphitheater and the actors will perform a dramatization of the scene as mentioned in the link above.


The dragonborn can convince any female Dark Elf and any male Khajiit from the game world. If the dragonborn themselves is a female Dark Elf or a male Khajiit, they could nominate themselves to perform.


On the same note, the Bard's College could schedule numerous other pornographic performances in the amphitheater and the dragonborn could "cast" the actors for their roles. Therefore, the scenes could be random, but the actors who perform will be the NPCs the dragonborn convinces. Casting couch scenes could also be included for the dragonborn to audition NPCs.

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