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Setting Random Penis Corrupted end Strange penis default


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Dear friends, I have a problem with penis settings.
1) Which of you, using Sims4Studio sees the default two-color penis?
I understand that this penis has something wrong and so I decided to setup WW so I never let it be seen on my Sims.


2) Second problem: If you set WW with the tick on "Randomize penis for all Sims without penis by default" it happens to me that most Sims have no penis, and you only see the two-color default!
Dear friends, does the random penis setting work for all Sims ????


-- In the first picture you can see the penis in two-colored Sim4Studio.


--In the second picture you can see the check on "random penis without penis default" and then you see that in the list of penises does not appear any check and consequently appears the two-colored penis that should not appear! :confounded:



(Sorry for my English...I am Italian boy) 




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