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Combat mod suggestions & advice please

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Hello folks.


I have returned to skryrim after an extended absence as one does (i'm sure I'm not the only one who can't stay away) and am rebuilding my game.


One of the things I would like to get a bit better on this playthrough is improving the combat experience.


Combat can easily degenerate into 'i hit him until he dies, then I hit him, then I hit him, etc'.


I'm looking for ways to make it more involving. Not harder, just more interesting and awesome.


What I am not looking for is:

  • Increased difficulty. Fights are already hard enough for other reasons, much more risks making the game unplayable. Besides, there is a difficulty slider for this.
  • 'Realism'. Mods that work by rejigging damage curves, messing around with HP or whatever arn't what I'm thinking of. I can do that in other ways if I want to.
  • AI tweaks. Just cause I can do it, doesn't necessarily mean the mooks should be to as well.
  • Engine load. I've got a big build, with a lot of script happy mods in it. I don't have much headroom for more papyrus load.
  • Overhauls. Any mod that changes everything is probably going to mess up more than it will fix.


What I am interested in is:

  • Flattening the difficulty curve. Skyrim has this weird inverse difficulty curve where it's harder at low levels than it is at high ones. Anything that can reverse this effect is good.
  • Complication. Something that brings in tactical elements other than doing/avoiding damage.
  • Variety. Something that gives me options in combat other than attack/block/dodge
  • More awesome. I'm the big damn hero of legend empowered by the gods. Being able to do cool things is cool!



So then folks, do you have any ideas/suggestions? I doubt there will be any one particular golden bullet, or that it will be possible to get the effects I would like without some of the side effects I don't. But I also know that the world of skyrim (mods) is a big old place, and there are a lot of things I havn't yet found.




Load order deliberately not added at this time, as I would like to start a discussion of what combat mods are out there and how to use them in general rather than my game per se.

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