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A really weird sexy mod idea.

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So what I had in mind was a mod where inanimate objects come to life to fuck the player. I had a few specific ideas but i have no talent with this kind of thing. 


Soul gems would grow into massive soul gem atronachs with big crystaline dicks. 

Vegetables and mushrooms would become monstrous versions of themselves to have their way with the player. 

Beds and chairs would trap the player when they use them then transform into monsters to fuck the  player.

Mannequins are pretty obvious. 

Using an alchemy table would have a chance to spawn tentacles or a homunculus.

Using an enchanting table could spawn a ghosts.

Chests, if you've ever played Dark Souls, have a chance to be mimics.


This could be a random event, or perhaps activated by a shout or spell. 

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There's a mod made by a Nexus user named unknownPlunger that adds possible raping mimic chests with tentacles and dwarven stuff etc. It doesn't add new chests, but instead makes use of chests already placed by the game. The mod uses Estrus, and there's a way to wire up Estrus to SexLab so if you use one or both of those you'd be in luck. The mod can be found here.

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