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Unique Bodies By Race armor patch creation help


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In the Unique bodies by race mod page, it says,


"As mentioned above, the mod contains an esm file. I have done it like this so that you can use my mod to make compatibility patches or other patches with my mod. This includes making custom armors or clothing use custom meshes for each race. All you have to do is open the UniqueBodiesbyRace-Master.esm file along with whatever mod you wish to include this mod into in the CK and make the changes. If you do no know how to do this, there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to use the CK. I want this mod to be able to be used with an innumerable amount of mods, so that's why I made it as a master."


BUT it never links any kind of tutorial on how to do that. Which tutorial is he talking about?

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