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Is there a mod for... ?


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Well, I don't know you but I've personnaly many different armor's sets inside my inventory when I'm playing. One when I want to sneak, one for the close fights, etc. And I'm using the little mod which is removing your helmet when your weapons are sheathed. That's nice... But there is a problem.



I always was annoyed by two facts : the first one, it's the potion. During a fight, your dovakhin shouts "stoooop ! I've to drink five potions, recharge my weapon with new souls, put some poison on my blade". And the best part, it's that even time accepts to stop its run, freezing everything when you're playing with your inventory.

So, with SkyRe, potions are not instant. They give health over time. It resolves a big part of this problem.

But the second fact, the other part of the problem, is the armor's change during fights...


"Hey, people, stop fighting and turn around ! I have to change my armor ! Don't see me naked or I would be really angry !"




So the question is quite simple : do you know if there already is a mod which forbids you to change any part of your armor (except the helmet, which is logically easy to put/remove in a real fight, as a shield) when you're involved in a fight ?


If there isn't any, am I the only one purist who would like to have some more restraints during my game ?




Oh, and last thing : with some adult mods on this forum, a mod which would avoid you to change any armor during fights could be quickly dangerous in big fights... Especially if one of the opponents just striped you.

Was just a thought... *tries to look like innocent again*

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