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Laags short freezes


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since today today something wrong with skyrim i have some laags like 1 sek when i turn around or do fast movement ONLY outside! in interiors runs perfectly i disabled all mods textures etc still the samne thing



re-installed mods and textures = no difference


maybe something broken idk it feels like i dont have enough memory or so the itseld does not ceash any ideas?





Active Mod Files:


00 Skyrim.esm

01 Update.esm

02 Dawnguard.esm

03 AsharaDimonizedDress.esm

04 EagleEyePerk.esm

05 RaceCompatibility.esm

06 ApachiiHairFemales.esm

07 ApachiiHair.esm

08 HighResTexturePack01.esp

09 HighResTexturePack02.esp

0A HighResTexturePackFix.esp

0B Portal2ModRus.esp

0C WATER.esp

0D WATER - Get Wet.esp

0E Oblivion hair.esp

0F Oblivion hair2.esp

10 83Willows_101BUGS_V4_HighRes.esp

11 ArrowInTheEverywhere_Low_Longer.esp

12 AsharaPrinceOfTheWoods.esp

13 Birds.esp

14 BFSEffects.esp

15 Cloaks.esp

16 Cloaks - No Imperial.esp

17 Cloaks - Player Only.esp

18 CrainteVomir.esp

19 dynamic fires.esp

1A DynamicTorches.esp

1B dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp

1C Footprints.esp

1D getSnowyV3.esp

1E Lanterns Of Skyrim - Around Cities_bright.esp

1F moveitLWT.esp

20 NightingaleCrossbow.esp

21 dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp

22 Osare Underwear.esp

23 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp

24 Scoiatael Weapons.esp

25 Vampiric Sword.esp

26 Silver Of The Dragonblood.esp

27 SkyHeels.esp

28 StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp

29 TERA Armors for Skyrim - UNP.esp

2A theRoadstrokersRogueSorceress.esp

2B UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp

2C UNP Boots 03.esp

2D UNP Jewelry.esp

2E UNP Pantyhose.esp

2F EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp

30 Auriel's Bow Reloaded.esp

31 hood.esp

32 magicmoonsp.esp

33 BloodWitchArmor.esp

34 RosetteCompanions.esp

35 Catwoman Suit.esp

36 Companion_Sooji.esp

37 BreezhomeAlchemyLabFix.esp

38 ABT - Bolts Renamed for BS and CCO.esp

39 ABT - Faster Arrows Improved +50%.esp

3A ABT - Faster Bolts Improved +50%.esp

3B ABT - Progressive Damage (BS and CCO).esp

3C MashupUNP.esp

3D More Hair Colors.esp

3E Vampire Eyes Fix.esp

3F Pinups.esp

40 Pinups2.esp

41 Pinups3.esp

42 Better Dynamic Snow.esp

43 Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp

44 UNP Simply Clothes.esp

45 Sit Anywhere.esp

46 LB Jewelry.esp

47 Better Vampires.esp

48 Blade_of_Olympus.esp

49 BlockSparkles.esp

4A Alexia CatGarter.esp

4B FS_EveningStar.esp

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