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Using other artists artwork for CC paintings?

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Hope this is in the right section, if not, please move to correct location dear moderators^^


I was wondering how the CC creators and LL handle the issue of using other artists works for custom paintings? I thought about making some custom paintings/posters for Sims 4 but not many artists allow their work to be used and I didn't see anyone crediting the artists either.


Thanks for the help (:

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As an artist; I think it's common courtesy to ask for permission and credit the artist.  You can also check if the art in question is under creative commons.  Many images are copyright free under specific circumstances, such as age or prevalence of use.  E.G. you can use DaVinci's Mona Lisa however you want.  If the artist is too famous to contact (e.g. Boris Valejo) I think it's largely harmless since you aren't monetizing your CC.

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