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Got version 1.10.64 and F4SE 6.5 and now the game won't even start...

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Like the title says, I accidentally downloaded the newest version of the game and so I figured I had to get the new F4SE if I want to play it.  But now the game doesn't even start anymore with F4SE.  It starts normally through the steam launcher but then I can't use a lot of my mods. 


As far as I know, I've downloaded all the updated versions of the mods I need to run with the new F4SE.


What's weird is that the game doesn't even try to start.  I get the CMD box when I start F4SE, and steam says my game is running but then it just stops (I don't even get a black screen).


Anybody know what's going on?

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It could be something as simple as Place Everywhere, CCCleaner, Better Console, Crafting Highlight Fix, or/and Unlimited Survival Mode. Plus the ones Swanky mentioned. New F4SE means new updates to mostly all F4SE mods are required. If they are not updated, they can prevent your game from running or just crashing.


I know all the mods that I mentioned and that Swanky mentioned have all been updated, except for Better Console. If you are using DEF_UI, make sure to delete the old translation files before installing the new ones. Was mentioned on their mod page.


I ended up updating as well just cause all my stuff was updated already for the new F4SE so figured why not. Haven't had any issues so far.


EDIT: As well, if you are using Four-Play, there is a new patch for it to support the new F4SE. Not sure if it's a required update, as I keep up to date on it so no idea if it has any affect on the new patch or not. But better safe than sorry.

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