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Game wont save can anyone help?

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Hi all im not very good when it come to tec stuff and ive been having a problem with the game the last couple of days it will load up and run as expected. But when I click to save it just shuts down and dosnt save?

Can anyone help me with this as I just cant figure it out it was running fine Ive read online help topics but nothing seems to help. :-(


Ive tried going though the mods and custom content etc moving them out and back in etc but still the same it just freezes and closes when i try to save. I realy dont want to loose all I have done. :-( I have a couple of the last crash entries and game exeptions but i dont get them so dont know if they hold any clues as to whats going on??

I dont have origin either.

I have recently updated wicked wims and turbo driver MC

keep thinking it must me some of the mods mabe out of date causing the problem but I have no idea how to work out what one or ones are the issue ive tried taken them all out and putting them back one by one but it dosnt seem to make any difrence it still just shuts down as soon as i try and click save or save as :-(

if anyone can help me I would be very greatfull its realy starting to stress me out all I want to do is play AGRRRR

best wishes


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