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aroused redux working on SE??

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You can convert this yourself . I have done it for personal use and it is functioning very good. Just uncheck SOS functionality in MCM menu.


1.Unpack the sexlab aroused redux zip file(I tried sexlab aroused V28b)

2. convert the .hkx files under meshes\actors\character\animations and under behaviours (there is a tool for it). T-pose happens when animations are not converted to the new format.

3. extract the bsa files using BAE extractor. Delete the .bsa file afterward.

4.If there are any meshes, convert them with the NIF optimizer tool

5. Pack the folders again to a zip file

6. install using NMM or MO

4 .use FNIS run through all animations

5. open the .esp file in creation kit. Ignore all error messages or warnings - save the file -

6. Use LOOT to organize 

7. Start the game - sexlab aroused should work with MCM and all. 

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I followed the instructions above - which took a while, as I had to then track down how to convert the .hkx files, which was its own several-part step and hunt for utility files - and it simply caused my game to not start (immediately crashes out without even reaching a starting screen). I uninstalled the mod via NMM and now I'm stuck with T-pose for everything.


Is anyone going to port this mod?

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