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How to assign texture to mesh?

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You need nifscope and material editor from the nexus in order to do this.


The nif has references to a bgsm file (material file) in its blocks and that bgsm contains the texture location information. So youd need to make a new BGSM to point to the correct folder for the texture maps and then in nifscope, tie that bgsm to the model.

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I get this error anytime I load a nif from Fallout 4 (this happens no matter what mesh it is from a Fallout 4 folder): ""failed to load file header (version 14020007,"". Is there a special version of Nifskope designed for Fallout 4?


I can load a Skyrim nif with no issue in Nifskope. As soon as that same file is associated with Fallout 4 I get the issue above. 

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