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Using LE versions

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Hi -- Is there an article or post somewhere that has info on which LE mods (if any) can be used in SSE? I'm wondering specifically about:


--Animations -- I would like to use Gekkou's walk and run animations but there doesn't seem to be a port. Can I use the LE version?


--Sound files -- I would like to continue using the Kunoichi Voice mod -- would it work in SSE?


--Hairs -- It would be nice if I could continue using SG Hairs. The Immersive Wenches for SSE page on Nexus seemed to suggest that I could use SG Hairs (which is LE) but I wasn't sure if that was correct.


I'm an SSE noob, trying to transition to it this week, so I'm trying to learn what can be used directly, what can be used after converting, and what can never be used. I've been reading up on armor and texture replacement conversions, but haven't been able to find anything about the kind of files listed above.



ETA: Ok, I found information about converting .hkx files, so cross that off the list!

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6 hours ago, Kaarinah said:

Most animations work fine as long as ported, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2970/ has a guide and the file you need to do that. Hairs can usually be used fine, but also need converting, with Nif optimizer, tick headparts only if it's not a wig. As for sounds I have no idea.

Thanks, Kaarinah -- yes, that guide is the info I found. I'll give it a try.

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