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Wrye Bash to fix leveled lists?


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Well, my main question here is how I can fix the leveled list problem between "Immersive Armors" and "Morrowind armor for Skyrim".

Both add a bunch of new armors, to the leveled lists even, but this makes them conflict with each other.


The proper route here would be to bash 'em together into a new esp, right? Thing is, I have no experience at all with WB. I even looked for tutorials online, but they didn't answer all my questions. [one of them, if I need to extract .bsa files before trying to bash a mod]



That said, It seems I also have a problem with vendors from the mod "Apocalypse Spell Package" and "Mystic Gloves". While everything from ASP works fine, the vendor that's altered by MG doesn't have said items. The author of ASP even says "place mods that alter vendors AFTER ASP, so they'll use the modified vendors this mod creates". Still, no deal.

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