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Looking for a really bright ENB

Guest sirrinriss

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Guest sirrinriss

Can anybody recommend an ENB that's really nicely lit and even one that's adjustable?


Almost every ENB I would like to use either makes the game insanely dark or relies on mods that do that same thing.


Let me know if you have one that would work!



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Guest sirrinriss
On 1/24/2018 at 3:38 AM, idle said:

You can simply tweak the lighting or brightness settings of any enb to your taste.

Yeah that's true, I did try that using shift+enter but I could never get the balance right, it would look too sharp, or have too much contrast and just look generally wrong. Also sometimes I found when I adjusted the brightness that the eyes would glow like lights which didn't look right lol. I'll keep fiddling with it though.

On 1/24/2018 at 3:54 AM, 27X said:


Good call, that ENB looks great!

23 hours ago, Antrox said:

ENBs that are entirely standalone and rely on their own weather and lighting systems

-K ENB Pure Light
-Rampage ENB

-Kountervibe ENB

-Anko ENB


ENBs that need other mods

-Snap Dragon ENB

-Rudy ENB

-Cirilla ENB


I've only heard of a couple of those ENBs, I had snapdragon but it was too dark, I'll check them out now.

17 hours ago, romeozero said:

Gonna add my ENB on nexus in 2 days.You don't need anything else :cool: 

Sounds good, let me know when it's out!

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Guest sirrinriss
13 hours ago, Antrox said:

Thats why Snap Dragon has over 20 color presets...

Yes and they were all too dark, some of them are supposed to be like the Sin City type ones and the moody ones. The brightest presets there were the original snapdragon preset and a cartoony one I can't remember the name of. Basically it doesn't matter which one I use half the character will be completely engulfed in really dark shadow. 

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I would recommend Kwanon enb. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85321/

I was using tetrachromatic few months, switched to kwanon, cant go back anymore.


Its very different to many enbs, never seen any like that.

Its made by HHaleyy, author of Fair skin btw. But other skins looks great as well. Yea skin. what im talking about, just look at screenshots, especially user ones on nexus, but better just try it.


In general, this enb looks realistic, not so fantasy as tetrachromatic, way brighter, and i would say its best for character/faces screenshots, but damn good for playing as well. As 3rd person only player, im not using dof, but for screenshot purposes, its incredibly well done.


No need facelight in most cases, at all. Once you get used to lighting of this enb, its really hard to opt out.


Oh and looks great without any weather or lighting mod, though it support weather for most of major mods (also works nice with rlo and elfx)...

After longer testing, NLA + ELFX (indoor module only!) seems like just perfect addon and best combination to make things look even better. Theres no need of it at all. 

What makes up for less fantasy feel is, that there are some spectacular wow sunsets/sunrises - especially with NLA (omg Purity 1.6 even more, its just so trip wow, but in general NLA is best imo).


I didnt have need to adjust brigtness, many people complain its too bright especially interior, i dont think so. Its easily adjustable. Sliders are done different, and super intuitive. HHaleyy just tuned everything to perfection.


As most of LL members care about their characters looks, and their skin =), i recommend this to anyone just to give it a shot. Lighting it provides, when comes to dialogues, some close up scenes, especially those naughty SL ones lol, cant be apreciated enough.

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